Defensive Lineman Big on Red Raiders

The Red Raiders are hoping to finish off their 2009 recruiting class with a big defensive lineman. Mansfield Summit defensive tackle Nosa Eguae fits the bill and says that Texas Tech is one of the schools that is still in serious contention. Come inside for the latest...

Nosa Eguae, a defensive lineman from Mansfield Summit high school in Texas, originally committed to Colorado back in September. Nosa says he might have pulled the trigger too early, and has been looking around quite a bit lately.

"I just came to realize Colorado wasn't the place for me," Eguae explained. "After I talked with my family about it, it just didn't seem like the right fit.

"I felt like I got caught up in the visit up there and committed too soon. The people around me told me that I needed to wait and see what else is out there. I should have listened. So right now I need to concentrate on these other schools and pick the right one."

And who are those other schools?

"I'm looking hard at Minnesota, Nebraska, Auburn and Texas Tech. They are the schools I like best, I think I'll be able to find the right fit with one of those."

So far, Nosa has taken two official visits. With three left, he says there's not a lot of wiggle room because two more officials have already been set. He then broke down the situation as it stands today.

"I've taken two visits, one to Minnesota and one to Colorado. I've got three more I can take, and I plan to take all three before I decide.

"I went to Minnesota back in November right after their season was over. It was a really nice trip. The coaches up there are real good coaches and they are great recruiters. I really like some of the things they are doing up there."

Nosa visited Auburn this weekend, and said his next trip will be to Lubbock to check out the Red Raiders.

"I penciled a visit in with Texas Tech. That is going to be that last weekend before signing day."

Nebraksa is hoping to get a visit as well, but Eguae says he isn't 100% sure about that trip right now.

"Talking to coach Beck last night, he is trying to get me set up to come to Lincoln next weekend. You know he coached at my high school so there is that relationship there. I need to get up to Lincoln to check everything out. But it's not penciled in yet, they have to have a meeting first and he supposed to get back in touch with me on Sunday.

"I know they had that boy from Kansas that de-committed the other day, and I know that took them by surprise. Now they need a defensive end to come in and take that spot. They said I was the first one they talked with."

Having offers from the Big 12, Big 10 and SEC, Nosa was asked if he preferred staying closer to home or is there a particular conference he would like to play in.

"My first couple offers were from schools that are far away, so way back in March I got my mind set on leaving for college. Wherever I can go and play this game I love, I'm going to go. It doesn't matter where it is or anything like that. So playing in Texas or close to home isn't a big thing for me, it wont factor in at all.

"I just need to find the right fit for me: education wise, coaching staff, who is coaching the D-line, stuff like that. Those are the things I'll really look at. What conference they play in doesn't really matter either."

As far as the position he will play at the collegiate level, he says that it's up in the air whether he will play defensive tackle or end.

"No, they are all a little bit different. I've gotten a few offers to play inside. My first offer was from Utah, and they wanted me to play the three technique. UCLA also offered me to play the three, and early in the year Oklahoma was recruiting me at that position. Other than that, everybody likes me at defensive end. Once I went to a few camps people could see that I can explode off the edge. My final schools all like me at defensive end."

Nosa also talked about his preference, and what position he would like to play at the next level.

"My junior year I played a lot of the three, but this year I just came off the edge. I feel like I got a lot better this year technique wise. I'd like to come in somewhere and redshirt and get up to about 265 and be a great defensive end. I'm 6-foot-3 and about 242 right now."

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