Red Raiders Big on Joeckel

Offensive tackle Luke Joeckel is one of Texas' top offensive linemen in the class of 2010. After making it to Texas A&M, Oklahoma, SMU, and Nebraska for their junior days, he's lined up for visits to Baylor and Texas Tech. caught up with Joeckel to find out what he is anticipating when he makes his way down to Lubbock.

Arlington OL Luke Joeckel's recruitment has already been much more than the he expected. After garnering his first scholarship offer from Texas Tech last August, he's received offers from a host of schools, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Arizona, and Oklahoma State.

"I think the early offers have come mainly because of my size," the 6'6", 287 pound lineman explains. "I also had a really good junior season, and I think that the coaches were impressed with what they saw on my highlight films."

By getting out of the gate early, the Red Raiders caught Luke's interest, and he's excited to see more.

"I'm going to be in Lubbock on February 28th for Texas Tech's junior day. At this point, I don't have any favorites. I'm just trying to see as many schools as I can to find the right fit for me.

"The main things I am looking for in a school are their academics, the facilities, the coaches, whether or not it's a winning team, and the location. As far as distance from home, I'm not really sure if that will be a major factor for me. Hopefully as I take more visits, I'll know how much of a factor that's going to be."

And while it's too early for Joeckel to name favorites, he does see himself as a good fit for the Red Raiders.

"We actually run a spread offense at my high schools, and the line has pretty wide splits. The splits aren't as wide as Texas Tech's, but I feel like offensive styles are similar.

"I watched Texas Tech a lot growing up. Both of my parents graduated from Tech, and my dad was on the football team. He played center for the Red Raiders. So I've been to Lubbock to watch lots of games and am very familiar with the program."

Joeckel, who had 161 knockdowns and 155 pancakes this season, was first team all-district as a junior. His success on the football field has been a direct result of his competitive drive and will to dominate the defensive linemen he faces.

"I love driving the defensive lineman until I put him on his back. I just play until the whistle blows and try to bury them."

Luke is not resting on his laurels, and says that he's working hard to improve so that he will have an even more impressive senior season.

"I'm working to get stronger and also on my footwork and pass protection. I think I can definitely improve next year though, and have any even better senior season."

Luke's twin brother, quarterback Matt Joeckel, is also a D-I prospect, and the two brothers are hopeful that they will be able to continue to play together at the next level.

"Matt doesn't have any offers yet, but he has gotten a lot of interest. He's hearing a lot from different coaches. We'd really like to go to school together, but we're just going to wait and see what happens. If there is a better fit for us and it would be better for each of us to go to different schools, then we'll do that. But we would really like to stay together if we can."

Joeckel also hasn't settled on a timeline yet, as he is focusing on trying to find the best school for himself and just taking in the whole recruiting process.

"I have no idea when I'll commit. I'm just going to try to see a lot of different schools and then make my decision. Originally I had planned to try to get recruitment out of the way before the start of my senior season, but since all of this came up, I've just slowed down the process and don't have a timeline right now."

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