Commits Breathing Easier

After signing their letters of intents to Texas Tech only a few weeks ago, the 2009 recruiting class was relieved to hear that head coach Mike Leach singed an extension Thursday afternoon. caught up with the newest Red Raiders to get their thoughts on the good news.

After a long, ugly battle over head coach Mike Leach's contract extension, the Red Raider nation breathed a collective sigh of relief Thursday afternoon when he signed a three year extension with Texas Tech. None were more relieved than Tech's 2009 commitment class, who now feel more sure of their future as part of the Red Raider football program.

As soon as news broke of the extension being signed, the Red Raider coaching staff got busy on the phones contacting recruits to let them know that the Coach Leach would remain at the helm of the Red Raider football program for the foreseeable future.

WR E.J.Celestine was elated to hear from wide receivers coach Dennis Simmons.

"[Coach Simmons] just said that Coach [Leach] had signed a 5 year deal, so I had nothing to worry about. When I heard that, I just had a feeling of relief because I knew if he hadn't signed the extension I was only going to be with him for a year, and that's not cool." Celestine noted that Leach's decision to sign the extension solidified his decision to come to Lubbock.

"Especially knowing that I have him until I graduate is a relief," E.J. noted.

Fellow WR Aaron Fisher echoed E.J.'s sentiments, stating, "[I feel] good because I just developed a relationship with [Coach Leach], so it would be weird without him."

4-star offensive lineman Joel Gray said that he heard the news from OL coach Brian Moore and QB coach Lincoln Riley. "I talked to Coach Riley and Coach Moore today. We had a normal conversation as always, but everyone was excited about it though."

Gray, who heads up one of the best offensive line recruiting classes in Texas Tech history, is relieved to have the situation resolved.

"I'm just extremely excited and happy," Joel said.

The extension, which was negotiated in a private meeting between Mike Leach and Chancellor Kent Hance, extends Leach's contract through 2013 and is a $12.7 million deal.

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