Catching up with Karam

2009 quarterback Jacob Karam is already hard at work preparing for his first season of D-I football. caught up with Jacob to get his thoughts on the newly signed class of 2009, head coach Mike Leach signing a 5-year contract extension, and his upcoming move to Lubbock.

As the quarterback for the newly signed class of 2009, quarterback Jacob Karam is already assuming a leadership role among the other recruits, staying in contact with the players and creating a bond that will allow them to succeed as a team.

Karam took an early interest in the other prospects who Tech was considering and says that he was very pleased with the way the class shaped up.

"Looking back, when I looked at the kids committed, it seems like everybody that I really wanted to play with or thought ‘Wow, it would be great to be on the same team as that guy,' it seems like they all ended up committing to Texas Tech. I feel like that's been a really big blessing."

And now that head coach Mike Leach is signed on to continue as the head coach for another five years, Karam is even more confident that the class of 2009 is headed toward being very special.

"My dad heard about it first, and I was just at home hanging out. As soon as he heard, he came in and told me. I'm very excited and think it's awesome that Coach Leach signed his extension.

Jacob has developed a close relationship with Leach since committing to the Red Raiders back in June and is relieved that their relationship will continue.

"I mean, I guess if he had he left, I would have had to suck it up and had to adjust. But I love Mike Leach as a coach, and he was a big reason that I chose Texas Tech. I feel that him signing was just a huge blessing for me."

Despite Leach's contract renewal, Karam says that the coaching void left by former running backs coach Seth Littrell, who went to Arizona, has changed his relationship with the coaching staff.

"Coach Littrell was my main recruiter, but since he left, I've been talking a lot with Lincoln Riley. I talked to Coach Riley before the contract extension was signed, and he just assured me that Coach Leach would get it all handled. I really like Coach Riley, and I'm looking forward to building a better relationship with him."

In addition to his talent on the football field, Karam is an accomplished pianist and talented musician. Jacob is currently participating in Friendswood High School's Musical, Brigadoon, which will wrap this week. After that, it's back to the gridiron to prepare for his transition to college ball.

"I'm in my high school's musical, so right now I really busy with that (Click Here to watch Karam on the piano). We finish that this week, and after that, I'm going to start really focusing on working out four days a week.

"I've already started the program that Bennie Wylie sent me, and it's really intense. This spring, I'm going to focus on throwing the ball a lot and also just getting bigger, stronger, and faster."

To get a jump start on the preparations, Karam has been in close contact with many of the other Red Raider commits.

"I talk to E.J. Celestine a lot. I've also talked to most of the other guys that are part of the class. I mostly talk to Eric Stephens, Eric Ward, Aaron Fisher, Kyle Clark, and Joel Gray, but I'm really looking forward to building a relationship with the other guys who committed to Texsas Tech as well.

"When I talked to Eric Ward [who is already enrolled at Texas Tech], he told me that I really need to be prepared and ready, that the workouts are very intense. I'm really excited to play with him. It was a very good surprise when I found out he'd changed his commitment from Oklahoma to Texas Tech."

Karam plans on moving to Lubbock the first week of June, and says that he and Celestine plan on rooming together.

Always one to set goals, Karam already has big plans for the Red Raiders' class of 2009.

"I've heard a lot of people talk about how this recruiting class is one of the best recruiting classes Texas Tech has ever had, and I just feel very humbled to be part of that. I'm really looking forward to playing with them, and we're going to try our hardest to win a Big 12 championship."

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