The Harrell-Young Connection

Texas Tech's newest commit, Denton Ryan quarterback Scotty Young, has a lot in common with former Red Raider quarterback Graham Harrell. spoke with Graham's older brother and Scotty's coach, Zac Harrell to get his reaction on Scotty's commitment and find out how Scotty will fit into the Red Raiders' offense.

Texas Tech's newest commit, Denton Ryan quarterback Scotty Young, has a lot in common with former Red Raider quarterback Graham Harrell.

As a senior at Ennis High, Graham set the Texas state high school when he threw 67 touchdowns and 4,825 yards. As a junior, Young put up similar numbers, throwing for 4,495 yards and 65 touchdowns.

Both are 6'3", roughly 200 lbs., and prefer to pass in the pocket. Both have a knack for making big plays and putting up huge numbers.

But their biggest similarity may be their association with Zac Harrell, Graham's older brother and Scotty's high school coach. Zac, a wide receivers coach for the Ryan Raiders, says that Scotty is as close to a replica of Graham as he's ever seen. spoke with Coach Harrell to get his reaction to Scotty's commitment and find out how Scotty will fit into the Red Raiders' offense.

RP: What do you think about Scotty committing to Texas Tech last night?

ZH: I think it's a great fit for both Scotty and Tech. He does everything that they do very well. He's such a good passer, and there's not a better kid out there for the system that Texas Tech runs. He actually reminds me a lot of Graham, just his size and the way he plays, but he has a lot more arm strength than Graham.

RP: What made Scotty decide to go ahead and give his verbal commit to the Red Raiders last night?

ZH: I think he realized as far as systems there's not a place that fits him better offensively, and there was no sense in waiting and having somebody come in before him and losing his chance.

RP: Why do you think he's such a good fit for the Red Raiders?

ZH: He's definitely a prototypical pocket passer. He's got great arm strength and can throw the ball downfield; he's not a rushing quarterback. There's not any place better to throw it than Texas Tech.

RP: Did the fact that Texas Tech recently offered Arlington quarterback Matt Joeckel factor into Scotty's decision timeframe?

ZH: From what I understand from Scotty and going through Graham's process, I'm pretty sure they were going to go with the first kid that committed. I think Tech's led all the way for Scotty, and once the third offer went out, he though that he'd better jump on the opportunity and go ahead and commit because he didn't want to miss out.

RP: What sets Scotty apart from the other high school quarterbacks he faces?

ZH: I would say there are two main things about Scotty that make him so effective. Number one, he's blessed with natural ability. He has an unbelievable arm and always has.

Secondly, he's a great kid. He's very competitive and wants to succeed. Because of his competitiveness, he's going to do anything he can to get an edge whether that be watching film, lifting weights, or just whatever. He just refuses to lose, which is different from most kids who don't have that same kind of determination and fire.

RP: Do you see Scotty pushing for early playing time at Texas Tech?

ZH: Depending on situation, if there's not a guy that's already established, it's going to be hard to keep him off the field. He's just so far ahead of most kids coming in that come into a system like that, and I really think he could see the field early in his career at Tech.

RP: As a coaching staff, what aspects are you focusing on improving in his game?

ZH: The main thing that we talk to Scotty about is we'd like him to be a little more threat running the football. Last season he had hardly five carriers, and he just wasn't comfortable running the ball at all. So we're working with him on that and he's trying to get faster.

RP: How do you think Scotty's commitment to the Red Raiders will affect his teammates Bud Sasser and Garrett Gramling, who also hold offers from Texas Tech?

ZH: I think that it ought to help them out a lot as far as landing those guys. It definitely can't do anything but help Tech the fact that they see their teammate and quarterback has committed to Tech, especially Bud, with him being a receiver. I think that they will see the opportunity to play with him for four or possibly five more years and that will have a big impact on both of them.

With Scotty's God-given talent and competitive drive, Texas Tech fans are optimistic that he can duplicate Graham Harrell's success on the field and keep the Red Raiders atop the national stage.

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