April 3rd Practice Report

Mike Leach's Texas Tech Red Raiders split their time between the football practice facility and Jones AT&T stadium as the Tech coaching clinic was underway. In a day that saw several key offensive players out of the line-up, the defense and the offense had an intense practice. Come inside for the RaiderPower April 3rd practice report.

Practice Observations Taylor Potts, Stefan Loucks, and Stephen Sheffield all had off days while Seth Doege looked best out of the bunch.

Jamar Wall was wearing a small walking shoe on his left foot while Chris Perry and Lyle Leong were working out on muscle beach.

Brandon Carter was not at the practice field today and neither was Marlon Winn, though Winn did show-up as practice was winding down. Carter had been seen with crutches.

Aaron Crawford left the practice field with an injury to his right arm while Baron Batch and Harrison Jeffers showed off great speed and maneuverability during the team stage of practice.

• The defense and the offense shouted back and forth at each other throughout practice, though this time there was not fighting between the two squads.

• Cody Davis didn't destroy any receivers coming across the middle but did stuff Harrison Jeffers near the goal line.

Brandon Sharpe "pancaked" Terry McDaniel today during practice, sending the much larger and heavier McDaniel tumbling down to the ground.

• McDaniel has a tell with the way that he positions his hands, as to whether he is going to pass block or run block.

• Jarrell Routt had a decent, but not great day of practice today. He is definitely one of the fastest players on the field and while he may be a year away from contributing on defense, he should be an awesome special teams player.

Julius Howard intercepted a pass during the pass skeleton portion of drills today, continuing his development as a receiver.

• The receivers had a better, but not great day today. Detron Lewis is the best receiver by leaps and bounds, the rest all have some work to do before their up to snuff.

Eric Ward was not on the field today, though it doesn't appear that it was due to the massive hit that he received on Wednesday.

• Sam Fehoko had a good day of practice one he was able to determine the difference between two different defensive calls.

Franklin Mitchem continues to develop next to Davis at strong safety.

Austin Zouzalik had a strong day during practice today and is slowly but surely forcing his way into the rotation at Y receiver.

McKinner Dixon and Sandy Riley were the starters at the defensive end positions, but Riley seems to get manhandled at the line of scrimmage.

David Neill moved from guard to tackle today and looked surprisingly good.

• With Carter and Winn out, the starting line (from right to left) Joe King, Mickey Okafor, Shawn Byrnes, Chris Olson, and Terry McDaniel.


Offensive player of the day: Baron Batch

Catch of the day: A diving grab by Austin Zouzalik on the end line in the North End zone.

Defensive player of the day: Brian Duncan

Defensive play of the day: The defensive line stuffing the running game on several consecutive plays.

Quote of the day:

"I already thought for you, just play."

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeil.

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