April 13th Practice Report

The Texas Tech Red Raiders practiced in cool and crisp April air in the last Monday practice before the annual Red and Black game. The offense has improved while the defense continues to rotate players through to determine the most effective combination and an injured player returned to practice, albeit in a somewhat limited role. Come inside for the RaiderPower practice report from April 13th.

Practice Observations Taylor Potts had what could easily be labeled as his best day of practice in Spring, showing a crisp release and strong command of the Texas Tech offense. Potts did throw an interception during 1-on-1 drills that would have easily gone back for an interception.

Seth Doege and Stephen Sheffield both had decent days, but at times they tried to hard to make a play. Sheffield threw an interception in the end zone to Nathan "Nasty" Stone would have returned 100+ yards for a touchdown.

Brandon Carter returned to practice, although only in a limited role. Carter looked outstanding while he was on the field, but it is obvious that his knee is still giving himself some grief.

Terry McDaniel had a better day at left tackle, possibly because Brandon Carter was helping him throughout practice.

Brent Nickerson was the one dealing out big hits today, especially during the pass-skeleton portion of practice.

• With Brandon Sesay and McKinner Dixon out of practice, Brandon Sharpe and Sandy Riley were the starting defensive ends. Sharpe continues to improve daily and even spent some time as the hybrid linebacker/defensive end position know as the joker back.

• Cody Davis and Franklin Mitchem both had good days, though Brett Dewhurst and Jared Flannel struggled mightily at times during practice.

Julius Howard blasted Austin Zouzalik during the team portion of practice, though Zouzalik did hold onto the football for a first down.

• Alexander Torres was out of practice today, though the exact reason is unknown. It could be because of a serious injury sustained to his lip during practice Friday.

Adrian Reese has not only completely changed from the last two years but has also changed from the player that he was just a few weeks ago. He's become a big, physical, mean, and confident receiver. While his hands still fail him on occasion, he has already moved well up the depth chart to the number two spot behind Edward Britton.

Mickey Okafor looks at home at right guard. He and Marlon Winn are a great team while Deveric Gallington is pushing for playing time at either left or right guard.

Richard Jones had back-to-back sacks during team practice on Seth Doege. Jones might see time at defensive end in short-yardage and goal line packages.

• Offensive line coach Matt Moore continues to move players around, almost as if someone told him there were hundreds of combinations on the line and he is going to try each one at least once.

• Riley Harvey, a walk-on linebacker, has worked his way up to the number two strong-side linebacker, splitting reps with Tryone Sonier. Harvey might even find his way onto the field into the same capacity that Jordy Rowland did last year.

• Special teams continue to be a point of emphasis and not only should special teams improve, but the overall conditioning of the team is improving with the constant running during drills.

Also worth noting is that Donnie Carona was a better punter in practice today than Jonathan LaCour.


Offensive player of the day: Taylor Potts

Catch of the day: Rashad Hawk in the end zone during 1-on-1 drills.

Defensive player of the day: Taylor Charbonnet

Defensive play of the day: Richard Jones with back-to-back sacks on Seth Doege.

Quote of the day:

"Score every play!"

-Strength and Conditioning coach Bennie Wylie after an interception during practice.

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