Red and Black Spring Game Report

The annual Red and Black game took place at Jones AT&T stadium this afternoon as the offense and defense split up to form two distinct teams and played a full game. One quarterback looked particularly good while a young defender had several eye-opening plays. Come inside for the RaiderPower practice report from the Texas Tech Spring game.

Practice Observations Texas Tech took a departure from the usual controlled scrimmage approach and played a full game today. The starting offense was split evenly, along with the defense, among the Red and White teams. Quarterback Taylor Potts was on the Red team while starters Detron Lewis, Brandon Carter, and Chris Olson were on the white.

Harrison Jeffers had a strong day today during the Spring game, showing flashes of the great speed that will make him an asset to the Red Raiders in the '09 campaign.

Baron Batch was a battering ram during practice today, and at one time hit Jared Flannel harder than Flannel hit him.

Mickey Okafor looks like an over-grown kid at times, but he is a vicious blocker and will be the next in a great line of Tech right guards.

Cody Davis had a 102 yard interception return of a Stefan Loucks pass. Davis showed good awareness picking off the tipped pass and outstanding speed and acceleration. It also appears that the "Go score" mentality the defensive coaches have implemented is working on the players as Davis had a convoy of defenders escorting him down the field.

Brandon Sesay had an outstanding spring game as did Brandon Sharpe. It is worth noting that there are rumors surrounding Sesay's grade situation, he was a terror as both a defensive tackle and a defensive end.

Chris Perry did not participate in the spring game. It appears that he is going to continue resting his injured knee. Jamar Wall was also held out of practice.

Taylor Charbonnet has great football instincts, but there is a reason that he plays cornerback and not receiver. His hands are akin to stones, much like his older brother's were during his sophomore season.

• Alexander Torres had a decent early portion of practice, but the only receiver that truly stood out was young Austin Zouzalik. Adam James also had a few good grabs early in the game.

Adrian Reese had an off day, though that was more a result of poor quarterback play than anything on his part.

• Detron Lewis showed some Michael Crabtree type moves during the game today and scored a touchdown on a well thrown and well caught ball from Stephen Sheffield.

• Stephen Sheffield is going to be a more than serviceable back-up to Taylor Potts. While he does not possess an overly powerful arm, he has a good command of the offense, reads the field well, and is much more athletic than his "Sticks" nickname would imply.

Edward Britton had a pair of good catches and also an outstanding kickoff return to start the second half.

• The "joker-back" hybrid linebacker/defensive end position seems like it will be used more than just in the "Jet" defensive package. When the defense has 4 linemen and 3 linebackers, the right defensive end will often go into a stand-up rush position. Both Daniel Howard and Brandon Sharpe have excelled at this position.

Worth Noticing

Many fans will be extremely upset having seen the somewhat sub-par performance of Taylor Potts and Stephen Sheffield, along with the horrendous play of Stefan Loucks and Seth Doege.

This is my third spring game to cover, and in each one I have seen quarterbacks look very "off" during the entire era.

Don't lose faith in Doege or Loucks, and don't form an opinion of Potts and Sheffield only on their performance today. Mike Leach doesn't do that, and neither should the fans.


Offensive player of the day: Austin Zouzalik

Catch of the day: Detron Lewis in the corner of the endzone.

Defensive player of the day: Cody Davis

Defensive play of the day: An interception by Davis of a Loucks pass that was returned 102 yards for a touchdown.

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