Raw Talent

Although Sulphur Springs defensive end Kedrick Dial is fairly new to the football field, he quickly caught the eye of college recruiters around the country, including the Red Raiders, whom he committed to after visiting Lubbock during the spring game. RaiderPower caught up with the talented defensive lineman's head coach for an update.

As a junior, Kedrick Dial racked up 27 tackles and 7 sacks, which is especially impressive considering that it was his first year playing varsity football.

At 6'5", 205 pounds, Kedrick is a natural at the defensive end position, something Sulphur Springs head football coach Greg Owens says is due in large part to his raw talent and athleticism.

"Kedrick is extremely athletic," Coach Owens explained. "He has long arms, which obviously helps a lot with his pass rush, and he runs a high 4.6 or 4.7 40.

"He's fast off the ball and is able to get around o-linemen quick and get to the quarterback. Kedrick is just tenacious and relentless in his pursuit of the quarterback."

With defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill's affinity for athletic, fast defenders, Kedrick will be a natural at the end position and may get a chance to showcase his talents early in his collegiate career.

"I think [Texas Tech] is a great fit for him. He's a speed rush guy and still raw talent, but he will be able to make a big impact at the next level. He has the body type speed to get after quarterback – that's really his gift.

"Since Texas Tech puts a lot of points on the board, they face teams that are trying to air the ball out. Kedrick is a very talented pass rusher, so I think that his style of play will be perfect for a team like Texas Tech."

Owens is confident that Dial will be even better after an off-season of focusing on football, and should be able to continue to improve when he suits up for the Red Raiders.

"He just needs time. Kedrick has only really played high school ball 1 ½ years. He played basketball and then decided to start playing football. He's doing great; he's putting weight on and beefing up. We're working with him a lot on developing run technique, and some of the more technical aspects of playing defensive end."

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