Arps a Nice Addition for Red Raiders recently talked with Denison High School head coach Cody White, who led the Yellowjackets to a 12-1 record, a district championship, and the regional semi-finals last season. One of White's star players, defensive end JaQwaylin Arps, recently made the decision to verbally commit to the Red Raiders. Come inside for an exclusive, in-depth look at Texas Tech's most recent commit.

RP: What are your thoughts on defensive end JaQwaylin Arps' recent commitment to Texas Tech?

CW: When I talked to JaQwaylin about committing, I told him that he just needed to make sure to visit the school before he committed. When he went to Texas Tech, he was very comfortable and liked the staff. Tech's coming off a good year, so I think that influenced his decision as well.

RP: How do you see him fitting into the defensive system that the Red Raiders run?

CW: I think he'll fit into the team well. He's got a lot of passion and intensity. He liked Coach Ruff and Coach Riley a lot, and he really liked the guys down there. I think that had a lot to do with his decision to commit.

RP: What qualities does JaQwaylin have that will allow him to be successful under defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill?

CW: JaQwaylin is a raw talent. He didn't play a lot of football when he was younger; he really just started two years ago and has only being play defense for a year. We're working on increasing his strength, but he's just a very aggressive, talented player. He's also a very intelligent kid. He hits the books hard and wants to be a coach.

RP: What would you say his biggest assets are?

CW: He's not done growing yet, and he can really run. He's long and lean and can cover ground.

RP: What does having a talented, athletic player like JaQwaylin mean to your team?

CW: He actually plays on both the offensive and defensive lines for us. We rested him a lot of defense because we couldn't afford to have him out on offense. He was named all-state offense and second team all-district defense.

RP: How do you think he will adjust to playing D-I football?

CW: Obviously in college he's going to be a lot better suited to play a defensive end than on the offensive line. He's got a big upside. I think he'll need to redshirt his first year, but he's going to end up being a great player.

RP: Is JaQwaylin still looking at other schools, or is he pretty set on Texas Tech?

CW: I mean, obviously, schools are still going to keep pursuing him. There's no way to get around that. But he's pretty solid to Tech. He's given no indication that he's looking elsewhere.

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