Texas Tech a Heavy Favorite for Carpenter

3-star offensive tackle Beau Carpenter's recruiting has been heating up over the past couple of weeks, and he now boasts 13 offers from around the country. RaiderPower.com caught up with Beau to talk about his upcoming visit to Texas Tech and see which schools are on the talented lineman's radar.

The 2008 season was a very successful one for the Sulphur Springs Wildcats, culminating in a 4-A Division II state championship. 3-star right tackle Beau Carpenter anchored the offensive line, and his contributions to the team's success have not gone unnoticed by recruiters.

With offers from major programs including Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Utah, and Kansas, the talented o-lineman is beginning to narrow things down.

"I definitely have a top three. Texas Tech is number one, then Oklahoma State, and third is Rice.

"The things that stand out to me about Tech are just that I know that they're that well coached and that I'll be playing under good coaches. They run a lot of the same stuff we do at my high school, coming off of a two point stance, running a lot of screens, and using the spread offense, so I think that I would be able to adjust easily."

The Red Raiders, who offered a couple of weeks ago, have been at the top of Beau's list for a while.

"I was actually at work when I got the call that Texas Tech wanted to offer me. Coach Russell was telling me that the offensive line coach, Coach Moore, talked about me all the time and said that he loved my feet. He said that I was at the top of their list for offensive tackles."

At 6'7", 250 pounds, Carpenter's size is a major plus, but he says that it's his athleticism that really impressed the Red Raider coaches.

"I keep hearing that they like my hustle and that I move so good in space. I reach defensive ends easily and I really think that it boils down to my movement and athleticism."

Beau will be heading to the South Plains this weekend to learn more about the Red Raiders' program.

"I'm leaving on Friday morning for Lubbock, and we're hoping to get there around 3:00. I need to talk to Coach Russell again to figure out the details. I'm not sure if he wants me to come to the camp on Saturday or not. I'm definitely going to take a campus tour, see the facilities, and all that stuff."

While he's visiting the South Plains, Carpenter says he wants to get to know the coaches better and find out if Texas Tech is a good fit for him.

"Really I just want to meet all of the coaches and get a good feel for their personalities. I am also hoping that I will be able to meet some of the players and get a feel for them.

Another factor in favor of the Red Raiders is Carpenter's teammate Kedrick Dial's recent commitment to Texas Tech.

"Kedrick loved the facilities when he visited for the Spring game, and he really liked the atmosphere at Texas Tech, which is why he decided to commit. Having a teammate who will be going to Tech has a little bit of weight on decision. I mean, I'd love to have somebody that I know there when I come in as a freshman."

Beau says he's looking forward to his upcoming visit to Lubbock, and he plans on making stops at his two other top schools in June as well.

"I've never been to Lubbock before, but my granddad loves it out there. I have lots of relatives that live out there. After I visit Tech, I also plan go to OSU and Rice in June. I would like to have a decision made before the summer is over so that I will have it done before football starts, but I want to take my visits before I commit."

What factors will he be taking into account while he's visiting his favorite schools?

"The main things I'm considering are whether the school has a good program for what I'm wanting to major in [architectural engineering], and then just if it's a good atmosphere of coaches and personalities."

Besides making his rounds on the recruiting front, Carpenter will be focusing on improving his game in preparation for next season.

"I am working on gaining weight while keeping my athleticism. I weigh 250 pounds right now, and I want to be about 270 by time graduate, and I am working on gaining good healthy weight by building muscle."

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