Red Raiders Lose to Wildcats, 68-44

The Texas Tech Red Raiders (10-2, 0-1) opened up Big 12 play with a dissapointing loss to the Kansas State Wildcats (10-4, 1-0). Kansas State's Gilson Dejesus led all scorers with 19 points. Dejesus made 5 three pointers in the game.

The Red Raiders scored the first basket of the game, but Kansas State answered with an 11-0 run to take control of the game early.  Kansas State would expand on their lead throughout the first half.  The Wildcats led 38-23 at the half.


The second half was more of the same as Kansas State continued to control the game.  The Wildcats put on a defensive clinic, holding the Red raiders to just 21 points in the second half.  Kansas State won the game easily by a score of 68-44.




Andre Emmett led the Texas Tech scorers with 18 points, while Kasib Powell added 12 points.  Outside of these two the offense had a very bad game tonight.  The Red Raiders made just 26% of their shots on their way to their worst offensive performance of the season.  There are three things that need to improve for this offense to work against good opponents, patience, shot selection, and rebounding.  Patience would allow the offense to work better because it gives the defense more time to make mistakes.  Shot selection was a big problem tonight.  Texas Tech should not be taking 19 three pointers in a single game.  Rebounding helped to make the other problems look worse.  The Red Raiders were outrebounded 36-12 on their offensive glass.  Until these areas are improved, Texas Tech will have a tough time beating teams, especially on the road.




The bad offensive performance overshadowed an acceptable defensive performance.  The Red Raiders held a team with good shooters to just 68 points.  There were some lapses on defense once the game got out of hand, but that is to be expected.  Even the best defensive performance wouldn't have given Texas Tech the win tonight.  If the offense can get going again this team still has a chance to beat anyone in the conference on a given night.

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