Pettis Talks Camps

Trey Pettis is already getting major looks from college programs from across the country and the 2011 offensive lineman from Deland High has been to several camps in recent weeks. caught up with him for an update.

Trey Pettis just finished up with the Illinois summer camp and he was impressed.

"I just got offered by Illinois," Pettis said. "I went to camp and it was good. Coach Gilbert from Illinois really likes me. I love Coach Disch. I've known them since I was little so it's like a family atmosphere here. We run our offense the same way they do here so it would be an easy transition for me when and if I come here. The pass pro won't be too hard to catch on to. I really like the facilities, the coaching staff, and the history here. The players treated me well. I hung out with them at the stadium. They don't make freshmen too stuff. I was hanging out with Andrew Carter yesterday. He said Coach Zook is a players coach. It's a great place here."

Prior to the Illinois camp, Pettis spent some time at Texas Tech -- another school he really likes.

"They're right there with Texas Tech at the top," he said. "Texas Tech is amazing. The facilities are great. The coaches are great. They all knew who I was when I got there. They said they liked my film and they just treated me really well. I was the O-Lineman of the camp there and the same thing at Illinois. They've come on strong the last few years. The girls are number one there. The players all seem to get along really well. I wanna go to a place where the O-Line is important and Coach Leech said we can't win a ball game if our O-Line doesn't play well and that's what I like to hear."

In addition to those two, Pettis (6-5,280) also spent time at the Clemson and South Carolina camps.

"I went to Clemson and South Carolina," he said. "They both went real well. I love Coach Scott. He's a great guy. I've followed him since he was at Florida State and I went to his camps when he was a little kid. Coach Wolfe is a great guy. They put me in with the older kids and that's how I like to compete. They're both great college towns."

Next up for the 2011 big man will be a couple in-state stops.

"We're going to Florida State's camp and Friday Night Lights at Florida in a few weeks," he said. "I'm looking forward to those two because I gotta show the in-state schools what I can do."

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