Bob Knight may have won his 800th game, but he says victory number 801 is even more important. If the Texas Tech Red Raiders can win their next conference game they would find themselves at 4-4 in the conference race. Andre Emmett once again led the Texas Tech Red Raiders (13-5, 3-4), this time over the Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-12, 1-7).

Nebraska took a quick 5-0 lead, but Texas Tech would score the next 26 points to take an insurmountable lead.  The Cornhuskers were never able to get back into the game after that point.


After the game Coach Knight took the microphone and talked about how the fans made this a special milestone.  "I've had some milestones, but I've never had a milestone in front of a crowd that I appreciated so much," he said. "I appreciate very much the support we have and the support that's been given us. Most of all I appreciate the support you students have given us", said Coach Knight


The Texas Tech offense looks like it might be coming back to life.  The Red Raiders shot 46.9% from the field and 50% from behind the arc.  Andre Emmett led all scorers with 24 points.  Kasib Powell added another 16 points on the night.  Overall, it was a good shooting performance for a team that has been in a horrible slump.  If this team can continue to shoot like this, good things will happen offensively.


The defense has been the most reliable part of the Red Raiders attack, and tonight was no exception.  Texas Tech held the Cornhuskers to just 34.6% from the field.  The Red Raiders also forced 20 turnovers in the game.  It's great to see the team get a nice victory after playing superb defense.  Texas Tech continues to play some of the best defense in the conference, which should at least keep them from getting too far behind against better teams.

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