Carpenter Ready to be a Red Raider

Sulphur Springs offensive tackle Beau Carpenter is as solid of a commit as the come, and he is very excited to don the Red and Black. Beau attended last weekend's game against Baylor and says that it had him extremely excited to become a Red Raider himself. has the latest on Carpenter's upcoming plans.

Sulphur Springs offensive tackle commit Beau Carpenter was extremely excited when he committed to the Red Raiders back in June, and that enthusiasm has not waned since.

On Saturday, Carpenter was in Arlington to watch the Baylor/Texas Tech game, and he says that the 20-13 victory was a great one to witness.

"It was great. It was a great game; the atmosphere was amazing, and I loved getting to be in the new Cowboys' stadium."

With a sold-out crowd on hand for the game, Carpenter was able to see firsthand just how loyal the Texas Tech faithful are.

"The fans at the game were great. I was quiet at the first of the game, but because of the guys around me I was screaming at the top of my lungs by the end of the first quarter."

With Baylor up 10-3 at halftime, Carpenter felt worried about the outcome of the game but was impressed by how the Red Raiders responded in the second half.

"The first half, Baylor seemed to have Tech's offense covered very well, but the second half Tech came out and seemed to make the right adjustments and really picked it up on both sides of the ball."

With the regular season behind them, the Red Raiders are now busy preparing up for their bowl game. Carpenter is also busy, as he prepares to move to Lubbock after graduating in December.

"I'm just trying to finish everything up at school to graduate in a few weeks and get to Tech early. I'll be there for the spring semester and to do spring football with the team."

Beau says that he is excited to move to Lubbock and is hopeful that the extra semester and going through spring practice will be beneficial once next season rolls around.

"I'm hearing one of the best things about [coming a semester early] is that it can help you get early playing time."

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