Where Does Young Stand?

After the firing of head coach Mike Leach and the subsequent hiring of Tommy Tuberville, many Texas Tech commits have been reevaluating their decisions and considering other schools. Since the coaching switch, 4-star quarterback commit Scotty Young has been getting interest from some other major program. Is Young wavering in his commitment to Tech? RaiderPower.com has the latest…

When Scotty Young committed to the Red Raiders last March, it seemed like a perfect fit. As one of the top quarterbacks in the state, Young headed up Denton Ryan's spread offense, throwing for 4,467 yards and 64 touchdowns and leading the Raiders to a berth in the state quarterfinals.

In recognition of his outstanding year, Scotty picked up a slew of honors, including being named First Team All-state Offensive Player of the Year, Texas AP Sports Editors Player of the Year as well as Gatorade Texas Player of the Year.

The match between Young and Texas Tech seemed perfect. Young shined at the helm of a highly proficient spread offense and the Red Raiders lead the country in passing yards year in and year out. In addition, Young was coached by Zac Harrell, brother of former Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell, who lead the team to their most successful season in school history.

But after head coach Mike Leach was summarily fired for alleged misconduct in late December, everything was up in the air. Defensive minded coach Tommy Tuberville was hired as the new head coach, which left many of the 2010 commits wondering what would happen to the pass-oriented offense the Red Raiders had made their signature.

The coaching change affected none of the recruits more than Young, who had committed to the Red Raiders with high hopes of one day leading the nation in passing as quarterback for the high-octane offense.

After being hired, Tuberville made it clear that he would not be making any major adjustments in the pass-happy offense, but recruits are still a bit skeptical as to what exactly the new head coach will mean for the Air-Raid attack.

Young caused a stir when he told the Denton Record Chronicle, "I really want to go to Tech, but right now I still don't know much. I still have to wait and see who the offensive coordinator is going to be. It would be tough for me to stay if Coach Riley leaves."

On Tuesday it was announced that Troy offensive coordinator Neal Brown would be taking over as the Red Raiders' OC, and news that WR coach Lincoln Riley was let go followed soon after.

The good news for Texas Tech fans, however, is that it appears that despite the coaching changes and all of the rumors, Young still seems to be fairly solid in his commitment to Texas Tech.

RadierPower.com spoke with Scotty's father, Jeff, on Thursday evening, who told us, "Scotty is good with Texas Tech."

Furthermore, he says reports about Scotty entertaining the idea of changing his commitment to Notre Dame have be overblown.

"This stuff about Notre Dame has been made out to be a bigger deal than it really is. He's had one conversation with them. Notre Dame is not an option for Scotty."

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