Red Raiders Fall to Texas, 77-65

The Texas Longhorns (18-4, 9-2) defeated the short-handed Texas Tech Red Raiders (14-8, 4-7) by a score of 77-65. Texas' Brandon Mouton led all scorers with 21 points.

The Red Raiders started the game shorthanded, but managed to keep the game close for the first 12 minutes, but the lack of depth became apparent as the half ended.  Texas finished the half with a 23-10 lead that would give them an insurmountable lead.  Andre Emmett and Nick Valdez sat for the entire game because they were late to the morning shoot around.


The Longhorns dominated the second half, extending their lead to as much as 23 points late in the game.  Texas Tech would fight back late in the game, but the effort wasn't enough to put the outcome in doubt.  Texas defeated the Red Raiders by a score of 77-65.




When you take away the leading scorer on a team that already has offensive problems, you expect the offensive production to take a serious hit.  This is exactly what happened tonight, as the Red Raiders never got their offense in rhythm without Andre Emmett.  Robert Tomaszek led Texas Tech with 14 points.  Kasib Powell and Will Chavis contributed 12 points a piece in the losing effort.  Tomaszec's production was the lone bright spot in tonight's game.  If he can become a consistent scorer, the Red Raiders might be able to finish the regular season on a high note.




The Red Raiders played a solid game on defense.  Some of the problem areas we have seen all season did make appearances in this game.  The first problem was losing shooters.  In this case, Brandon Mouton managed to get wide open looks.  These shots allowed Texas to take control of the game.  The transition defense had some problems as well, but nothing too serious.  It was good to see some good defensive effort by the bench players.  That type of effort will serve Texas Tech well down the stretch.

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