Midland DE Ready to Play

Tuesday evening, I caught up with Tyler Yenzer who signed his letter of intent to play football at Texas Tech two weeks ago. Yenzer, who stands 6'4 and is 220 lbs, is a pass-rushing specialist from Midland High.

"Quite a few things attracted me to Tech.  First, it's close to home, it has a great coaching staff, and the team is constantly improving.  I want to be a part of that and make an impact.  The facilities were also really nice.  That stadium has gotten huge, and that new weight room is going to be really nice."


Yenzer, who was recruited by TCU and Missouri, was a 1st-Team All-State defensive end that led his team to the 5A State finals.  His father, Craig Yenzer, coached Midland High to their first playoff game in over 50 years, and was the former coach at Hereford where he also coached in a State final game. 


When asked how being a coach's son affected his football career, he responded, "It's helped me a lot.  I've been around football my whole life, and I feel like I know the game a lot better than most.  I also had that constant encouragement and insight from him."

"My strength is no doubt my pass-rushing skills.  I ran the 300 and 100 hurdles at Hereford, and I also wrestled."


To stay in shape, he said, "I'm currently lifting weights five days a week, and I will probably need to get bigger and stronger though before getting on the field."


Tyler Yenzer said he expected to arrive on campus sometime around July, and that Aaron Hunt's sack record encouraged him to go to Tech because his specialty is pass rushing.  Yenzer, who recorded 14 sacks during his senior season, is also a member of Who's Who and the National Leadership Council.  He said that he was a good friend with Cody and Slade Hodges, who he was teammates with while at Hereford.    

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