And Now There Are Two

In the last 48 hours, Texas Tech's stable of quarterbacks has dwindled from 4 to 2. The injury bug strikes during spring practices.

At the first scrimmage of spring practice, much of the talk was about the competitive quarterback situation. There were two senior quarterbacks who were going to light it up and give each other a run for the money. Steven Sheffield and Taylor Potts were the two leading candidates ... both seniors ... both with considerable game experience ... and both healthy.

Now, not so much.

Sheffield was the first to go out as it was learned today. Toward the end of practice on Monday, he stepped on somebody's foot and rolled his own in the process. In doing so, he apparently stressed his foot in just the right way and rebroke the same bone on the same foot that limited his action for much of last year.

Coach Tuberville addressed the media at the start of practice today and advised Sheffield had surgery this morning to fix the foot again. He said this time larger screws were used in the repair. Sheffield will be out for 8 to 10 weeks.

Practice today began with Taylor Potts clearly in charge, in control and relaxed. All was well until near the end of practice when the injury freak struck again. Potts threw a pass and on his follow through hit his hand on another player's helmet. In doing so, he managed to rip the web between his middle finger and his ring finger. He was escorted from the field fairly quickly thereafter. The remaining offensive snaps in practice were taken by Seth Doege (So-1L) & Jacob Karam (Fr-RS).

Listen to Coach Tuberville's post practice comments about this situation and other observations here:

In a most pleasant change from the recent past, when this team has obvious injuries, they are addressed professionally and with candor. This is just another testament to the refreshing and new day that has dawned within the Texas Tech football complex.

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