Texas Tech Scrimmage 2 of 3 is in the Book

The second spring scrimmage under Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville is in the book. It had some pleasant suprises and revisted lingering concerns. The offense showed some new wrinkles and promise in the running game. The defense had its moments but missed a few too many tackles for the liking of defensive coordinator James Willis.

  • The Texas Tech Red Raiders had an early Saturday morning because of their second spring scrimmage. This one was slightly different then the scrimmage before because it show cased two young quarterbacks.

  • Right off the bat it looked like a long day for the defensive group after Doege and Karam both moved the ball with relative ease. However, for about six possessions in which the two quarterbacks alternated the defense clamped down forcing five consecutive three and outs.

  • The highlight of the day came from receiver Cornelius Douglas on a reverse which after maneuvering his way through the defense wound up in the end zone. Despite only being recorded as an 11 yard reception he probably ran for a good 40 yards en route to an improbable touchdown.

  • The two most impressive players on the day were running back Harrison Jeffers and receiver Alex Torres. The two were electric for the entire scrimmage.

  • Torres caught almost everything thrown his way including over 100 yards and 4 touchdowns. The defensive backs did not make it easy on him, almost every catch was highly contested, but with his strength he was able to pull the ball away.

  • The one play that stood out in Torres' mind was his potential touchdown drop. Torres stated "The one that's on my mind is the touchdown that I dropped," he continued by saying that "that's the one that really concerns me rather than the plays that I made." Torres said the dropped pass was just it was "just a lack of concentration."

  • Coach Tuberville continues to be impressed by Torres' receiving skills, "He's caught well all year. Having hands is one thing, but being able to adjust to the football like he does is amazing. He's had a good spring and he's getting better."

  • Jeffers was a force to be reckoned with today. The back had almost 200 all purpose yards, and is making sure that he stays in the mix for being a key member in what promises to be a potent four headed running attack.

  • Jeffers is trying to become much more of a complete back. His number one concern is his pass protection skills. Jeffers said "I need to work on recognizing the blitz, Coach Scott is teaching me one on one like before meetings and just repetitive repetitive repetitive."

  • Coach Tuberville saw just how hard Jeffers ran in particular stating, "Heck, Jeffers ran the ball hard I think that he really learned from that first scrimmage."

  • After the defense held the offense to 5 consecutive three and outs one could visibly see how tired defense was. The offense began working at a high level and the defense had lots of trouble tackling. Coach Tuberville believed that the defense "didn't tackle well, that's the obvious observation." He also noticed that the team was very tired, "we're still a ways away from getting to the point where we can go like this many plays."

  • One major improvement from the first scrimmage was that players held on to the ball much better. Tuberville was pleased with this, "We only had one fumble and that was really the quarterbacks fault."

  • Both Doege and Karam looked at the top of their game throwing for 5 touchdowns each. They looked very evenly matched and both impressed a lot. The only negative for the two quarterbacks was the interception by D.J. Johnson thrown by Doege.

  • Defensive coordinator James Willis came away with a lot of praise as well as a lot of negatives from the scrimmage. "First of all what I disliked was the missed tackles and the mental errors, but in a positive way we had a lot of guys make a lot of great plays the overall effort was great and the execution of the defense was on time."

  • The team will enter its last week of spring practice on Monday. The annual red and black game will be played next Saturday at 1 PM.

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