Tuberville's Comments on Realignment

Transcript of Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville's interview with ESPN Thursday morning.

Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville spoke with ESPN on SportsCenter this morning. Here is a transcript of what the coach had to say:


ESPN: Can you believe this is happening?

Tommy Tuberville: "You hate to see any kind of change. The Big 12 has been a strong conference and has a lot of great representatives, but it's just a matter of time, and I've seen it the past four or five years — it's only a matter of time before conferences start to change around.

"For Colorado to leave and I don't know whether or not Nebraska is going or not, it sounds like they are, it's just amazing that it happened in this short of time. But what a conference it would be if it all turned out to be the Pac-16. With most of us from the state of Texas and Oklahoma going to that conference, that would be a tough, tough league to win but it would be exciting."

ESPN: What do you know coach about what Texas Tech is going to do?

Tuberville: "Well, I've just heard rumors and I've talked to our chancellor and president and just trying to stay up with it because recruiting is going on. What I hear right now is basically we're going to be in limbo.

And what happens to the Big 12, until we find out what happens to some of the other teams — mainly Nebraska — and with Colorado leaving, obviously there's a lot of fire to the smoke that's been coming up around what's going to happen.

I've just been hearing that if we do break up and people start parting ways, that we'll be part of the Pac-10 and we'll have two divisions to where we will have an opportunity to play in the Eastern side."

ESPN: What does a super conference affect, in terms of you and the football recruiting, the school — talk about would the effect of these larger conferences. What would they be?

Tuberville: "It would be really interesting to see how they set it up. There's certain ways you could set it up. I don't know that is we had and eight-and-eight team league with an East and a West, would you play a championship game or would there be an alliance to the BCS for a team that won the Eastern side or the Western side. There's a lot of things that would have to be worked out.

"But I think what you are going to see is not just this league but other leagues starting to do the same thing. The bottom line is, the people that pay the bills have basically said that, ‘Hey, we want a national championship down on the field.' And the only way to do that would not to have a long playoff system but a short playoff system in terms of the ‘plus-one.' And you could probably do that with basically four super conferences.

"I think it's kind of going the way that the fans want it because they are pretty much demanding it and I know the coaches like the bowl system. I do. I think we can keep all of it and still have the ‘plus-one' and still get it all done on the field."

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