Consider This ...

Events of the recent days have left us all with frayed nerves, upset stomachs, elevated temperatures, general irritability and various other flu-like symptoms. Perhaps it's time to examine all this and see if we can't put a bit of perspective on it ... start feeling a little bit better about ourselves and get on the road to recovery.

Let's step back from the wide swing of emotions, rumors, rival hatred, and look at what's happened:

1. Conferences are in flux. Some see an opportunity to get bigger and stronger in power to sweeten TV deals and exert control over the BCS formulas. That's a reality out of our control.

2. The Big 12 had some unhappy members, and they left for various reasons ... money, competitive issues, etc. We had no control over that.

3. Numbers 1 & 2 are both well known, and many schools have been sniffing around to make sure they had options if things got crazy. Unimpeachable sources have told RaiderPower that Texas Tech has been talking to the PAC-10 for more than a year. Quietly taking care of business ... not leaking it through media. Turns out that was a wise move.

4. The Big 10 formally announced their intent to expand, and Nebraska & Missouri jumped for the brass ring. Mizzou missed, but the Huskers caught it and caused ripples throughout the land.

5. Texas & Oklahoma have also been looking ahead, and when it looked like the Big12 was going to break up, they moved forward to control their own destiny. According to Commish Beebe in his newser today, they had offers from every major conference. I don't doubt it.

6. Because of fan base concern and political pressure, Texas & Oklahoma proposed to move as a group with three other Big-12 schools, though A&M also wanted to explore the SEC with or without the others. While not on the same stratospheric orbit of UT & OU, they have the clout to be a valued add to the SEC as a single school. It has been reported out west that Texas gave the PAC-10 a verbal commitment, then backed out of it. We can't confirm that, but it was clear there was growing political pressure on them from state legislators ... people who control their annual non-athletic budget.

7. People complaining about Tech's not being able to "go it alone" need to pull their heads out of the sand. Sure, I'd love to be able to make an independent move so that we're not competing on an unlevel financial deal with conference rivals, but let's look at the facts. We don't have the fanbase, television contract, nor geographic positioning to work as a solo add to any BCS conference. Does anyone REALLY want to be in a non-BCS conference? Not me.

8. Sure, we'd love to be able to call our shots like the big budget schools, but we don't have the clout today. We're growing toward that ability, but we can't walk away from the $15M+ guaranteed revenue and television coverage we'll get with the Big-12/10, or would've from the PAC-10/16.

The Administration looked at every option, then made the best decision today. I haven't seen any remaining Big-12 fan base that is happy with how this rolled out. Just keep buying tickets, and supporting our team.

The world is changing fast. We'll be better positioned for other opportunities in the not-too-distant future.

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