Healthy Again ... Potts & Sheffield Part 2

Part 2 of the quarterback interviews. Steven Sheffield talks with RaiderPower.

Raiderpower Exclusive: Potts & Sheffield Interviews

Part 2 … Steven Sheffield

There aren't many (if any) other positions played in football that garner the attention from fans and media alike as the position of quarterback. More debate goes into such things as: Who has the hot hand? … Who is a better leader? … Who has the better touch? … Who has better mechanics? … Who makes the faster read? … Who has better feet? ... Ad infinitum. Those questions and more will be hot topics for Texas Tech football fans when fall ball begins practice on August 7th.

As a former old coach around these haunts known for his "Spike-isms" used to say, "It takes a special breed of cat to play quarterback." Texas Tech is fortunate to have been blessed with a long list of these cats. Steven Sheffield is another on that list.

Going into fall practice, the competition for this position will be fierce and fun. Having said that, if there are two words that come to mind for me concerning Steven Sheffield, they are "fierce" and "fun". He is a fierce competitor and is going to have fun in the process.

Raiderpower caught up with Sheffield aka "Sticks" a couple of days ago to visit about his thoughts on the upcoming season and his recovery from the broken foot he suffered in spring practice. Digressing for a moment, any Tech fan worth his salt will already know Sheffield's nickname is "Sticks" because of his 6'4" lean build. This is a name his teammates hung on him awhile back. The media guide lists him at 175 lbs. While I'd probably starve to death as a weight guessing carny, my casual assessment would be that "Sticks" is filling out to more of "branch" dimensions. I'd guess something shy of 200 lbs or so … and he's wearing it well.

The first order of business was discussing the injury … i.e. the broken foot. He indicated that he'd been cleared to start working out and had actually started running with the team last week. He did develop a little soreness but that was to be expected. The MRI that cleared him obviously showed the screws in place but no remaining fractures. He said, "I'm not exactly 100% just yet but getting close." He was not at all concerned about putting in full workouts as fall practice begins in about 3 weeks.

Concerns about the the offense … he has none. Talk about confidence! He said they are completely behind OC Neal Brown's tweaks and schemes which are very much like we've been accustomed to seeing. He echoed the similar comments as were made by Potts. This offensive scheme will take a back seat to no one. The speed at which they will play and the few additional running plays "are all good." The former regime was already running a little more before the shakeup and it was to the benefit of everyone. He said the receiving corps is as pumped as anybody because they know opposing defenses will legitimately have to be defending the run with the likes of Baron Batch, Harrison Jeffers, Eric Stephens and Aaron Crawford getting a few more touches.

We shook hands as we parted company and I watched "Sticks" walk away without a hint of a limp.

Having talked to both the guys in the running for starting QB I can honestly tell you Texas Tech is in good shape either way. I know folks have their favorites based on various observations. But as far as quality human beings are concerned, both these young men are top notch and capable. If they stay healthy, this coaching staff is going to have a difficult time deciding a starter.

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