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The latest on the Red Raider Trio in Cowboys training camp, injuries healing and recruiting. So grab your mug and get you a cup of Texas Tech joe.

The Lead

The Dallas Cowboys training camp in San Antonio has quickly turned into a Red Raider Defensive Reunion for Jamar Wall, Brandon Williams and Brandon Sharpe.

Wall and Williams each were drafted by the Cowboys the last two seasons and have their contracts wrapped up nicely while Sharpe is hoping to complete the trifecta with a contract after being brought in just two days into training camp.

He was originally signed to an undrafted free agent deal for mini camps with New Orleans before being cut two weeks ago.

Williams has become the group's most popular so far, getting praise from defensive assistants and head coach Wade Phillips for his pass-rushing abilities. He's even getting comparisons to another Cowboys defensive standout.

"He's got that initial quickness, the long first step that good pass rushers have," coach Phillips told Chad Peters of the The San Antonio Express-News. "And he has that quick twitch, DeMarcus Ware quickness off the ball. That gives him an advantage quite a bit."

Peters brings up a good point as well in the irony of the fact that three defensive players are the ones together on a team from a school that's become nationally recognized for the offense.

Wall had a solid answer for the situation:

"They always got the recognition, so we always pushed them to make sure like, ‘Yeah, you all get the recognition but you're going to have to earn it every day in practice against us.'

"They wouldn't be a great offense without us being a great defense."


Texas Tech quarterbacks Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield each underwent another round of tests and X-rays to ensure that their bones and ligaments are all strung together nicely before fall workouts start one week from today (Aug. 7).

Sheffield said the latest X-rays showed a full recovery in the break in his ankle and that he feels "100-times better" than when he was trying to recover from the same injury last season following a break near the end of the win over Nebraska in Lincoln.

Potts, who detailed his hand and the torn tissue at Big 12 Media Days earlier this week, said he has no trouble throwing and trying to put extra zip on the ball.

"The time off did us both well," Potts said.

He also won the "Air It Out" competition at the Manning Passing Camp this last month.

Recruiting Trail

With 16 commitments now in the 2011 Texas Tech class, there are roughly four scholarship spots available. Tech is able to take as many commitments as they want, but may only give out around 20 scholarships this next season as opposed to the usual 25.

Part of that is from "grey shirts" and walk-ons that earned their way on the team.

If the number of commitments goes over the scholarship limit, Tech will have the option of making certain players grey shirts in order to get them a scholarship the following season.

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