RPTV Update - 8/1

RaiderPowerTV update on Texas Tech and what head coach Tommy Tuberville has spent all summer stressing to his team, coaches and fans.

LUBBOCK, Texas – Tommy Tuberville caught every player's attention at the first team meeting when he told them that he and this team would be winning championships.

That's something these players were not used to hearing from the old regime, thus causing a rippling effect throughout Lubbock and into the community that surrounds Texas Tech.

Now the energy is spreading from coast-to-coast with every luncheon and dinner Tuberville, an assistant or alum speaks at to talk about the program and where it is headed.

With the No. 15 recruiting class for 2011, Tuberville is serious about holding true to his promises and he has not doubt that the talent he inherited combined with the new coaching staff can make a big push this season.

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