Lineman To Decide Today

One of the top lineman in the country has narrowed his choice down to two schools and one of them is Texas Tech. Will he pick the Red Raiders?

Tony Posada, the 6-foot-5, 325-pound three-star offensive tackle from Plant Senior High School in Tampa, Fla., announces his commitment today at 4:00 p.m. CDT.

"It's between Michigan and Texas Tech," Posada said. "It's more about off the field than on the field now. I'm going to sit down with my coach (Tuesday night) and weigh out all the pros and cons for each school, but I think for me the deciding factor will be the weather.

"With Texas Tech the drawback is the heat," he continued. "I know being from Florida I should be used to the heat, but I really don't like it. But the difference is that it is a dry heat. And Michigan, it's the total opposite, you have snow. I've never been in snow so I don't really know how I'd react to the cold weather."

Posada said the atmosphere of the school and the coaches is what helped him narrow down his list.

"At Michigan I really like the atmosphere of the school. Ann Arbor is like a college town with a big town feeling. The players seem different there. They are very down-to-earth, not pretentious at all.

"I've been talking to Coach (Greg) Frey (offensive line) and Coach (Rich) Rodriguez a lot," Posada said. "They don't treat me just as a recruit, they treat me as a friend mostly. We don't just talk about football, we talk about all different stuff. There's a really chill factor with them.

"Another benefit of Michigan is that I would really be living on my own for the next four years. It's far enough from Florida that I would really be able to get the college experience to the fullest."

"Texas Tech has a lot to offer too," said's No.71 offensive tackle. "The coaches are really cool there. I talk to the o-line coach (Matt Moore) and Head Coach (Tommy) Tuberville the most. I really like the atmosphere of Lubbock. It's hard to describe, there's really no other place like it.

"Texas Tech is closer to home also," he added. "So I would be a little more comfortable leaving home for the first time. And like I said, I'm used to the heat more than cold weather."

So what happened to Missouri and South Florida? "Missouri was okay," Posada said. "My uncle really wanted me to go there, but in the end it just didn't feel like the right place for me.

"USF really never was really in it," he said. "I guess I had them in my top list because they were my in-state school, but I really never liked the atmosphere there. I just couldn't picture myself there for the next four years.

"I have kind of told the coaches already," Posada said. "They both pretty much know my decision already, but I just want to wait to announce it until I talk more with my coach and my parents. "

Posada is looking forward to getting his recruiting out of the way so he can focus on the upcoming season. "I want to be able to go into my season with all of this behind me," he said. "It will be nice just to be able to focus on football without the stress of recruiting."

Posada finally said he was leaning slightly towards Texas Tech right now, but that could change. He sounded like he might be playing games to end the interview. "Right now, Texas Tech is looking good. They are the underdog. But I'm not saying for sure until tomorrow. It could be Michigan."

Posada plans to major in business and reports a 3.3 core GPA and a 1020 SAT.


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