RPTV: Let The Debate Begin

It''s now time for Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville and offensive coordinator Neal Brown to decide on who will be the starting quarterback this season. Saturday was the final test for Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield. Watch and listen to what they and Tuberville had to say.

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The dust is settling on the competition to be Texas Tech's next starting quarterback.

Each have made their cases over the last two weeks and now wait patiently on the decision by head coach Tommy Tuberville and offensive coordinator Neal Brown.

Overall, Steven Sheffield said he improved his chances on Saturday by running the offense more efficiently, converting third downs and scoring after being pushed back near their own end zone on second down and long.

But Sticks also gave some insight on something he talked to Brown about after what he described as a poor performance in last week's scrimmage.

"It's important to know that it's not just about these two scrimmages," Sheffield said. "Coach Brown made it real clear that he looked at every single practice, our spring practices that we got through and every single game last year. So it just wasn't about these two scrimmages."

Taylor Potts said there were plenty of different things he could have done better in the second scrimmage but also feels good about his chances at getting the nod to be the starter when Tech faces SMU on Sept. 5 to open the season. And he has plenty of faith in the head coach making that decision.

"There were several throws that I didn't make that I could have made," Potts said. "Coach has a lot more experience than I do. So whatever his decision is, it will be the best one."

Potts appeared to be the clear leader from a performance level when it came to who made the more completions and decisions in the first scrimmage but Tuberville as quick to say that both guys were even as far as being leaders and the other intangibles the coaches will consider before naming the starter.

"When we go back, I don't worry about the completions," Tuberville said. "I worry about making the right decisions in terms of are we checking out on a play or going through the progressions or are they taking the easy way out — that and being a team leader. So that's all going to go into it as much as somebody throwing a 50-yard touchdown pass."

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