Quoting Texas Tech

Read what Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville had to say to the media this week, as the Raiders prepare for the Longhorns.

"It was a good first road game for us. I thought our guys handled it well, it is a lot of change. I think it is more of a business trip than going and having a good time. I want them to enjoy playing, but I also want them to understand that they put a lot of work into it going to play all 12 of these games. So, we go over there with one thing in mind, play the best we can play.

Our scout team players of the week on offense was Dartwan Bush he did a good job for us. On defense it was Andre McCorkle and as I told our team last night, as we talked about last week's game, and about how we played, you play a lot of times with how you practice and we practiced hard last week because our scout teams made us practice hard. It is about as good a scout team as I have been around, just the effort and intensity that they practice in.

The offensive player of the game, 76 snaps, 92 percent, four knockdowns, four great blocks, zero missed assignments, 28 production points, a much-improved Lonnie Edwards. Lonnie did an excellent job, the week before he wasn't near as good, he made a big step towards making our offensive line better and our offense much better.

The defensive player of the game 41 plays, 88 percent, four tackles, one sack, one fumble recovery, Scott Smith. Scott is the type of guy that is going to get better and better just coming from a junior college. He is going to have to get much stronger and gain a little weight. I think right now he is carrying about 257 to 260 pounds and he probably needs to weigh about 280. He comes to practice everyday and works hard. He has been a very pleasant surprise, in terms of, coming from a junior college and grasping what we are doing.

Special teams player of the game, probably player of the game, should be player of the week nationally for special teams, played on every special team, he plays hard, he blocked the first punt, he made a couple of tackles on kickoffs, Aaron Crawford. He comes to play, he is going to play for us at running back some, but he knows his job is to create havoc on special teams. He is productive every time he goes out there, and he will get labeled now that we are starting Big 12 play, hey we have to stop this guy on special teams. I promise you they will know where he lines up, whether he is returning or on punt protection he is possessed, and we are glad to have him.

Overall, the game against New Mexico was hit and miss, again. I thought we a little bit better in some areas. It was a little bit different game plan than what we went in with, it was still pretty vanilla than what we will do in the future on offense and defense. We made plays and took advantage of turnovers, but we did turn the ball over this time, and that is something we can't do in the future. We have to eliminate turnovers and we got a few more penalties in certain situations.

On focusing on the game against Texas:
Now that we got two non-conference games out of the way it is time to focus on the task at hand, our first Big 12 game. I am excited about it. Fortunately for us we get to play it at home. I had the chance to watch this game a couple of years ago, on TV, when tech won this game. It was probably the game of the decade, to me, in college football. It was an outstanding game played on both sides. It was very thrilling, a lot of excitement, hopefully we will have a lot of the same things in this game coming up. We have our hands full we aren't as good a team as we will be in five or six weeks from now. But this is how the schedule lays.

On how Tech matches up against Texas:
I think both teams are off to a good start. There are not any indicators of who is the better team. Obviously, they have changed their offense. They have a young quarterback, and they are trying to bring him along slowly which is what anybody would do. With guys like (wide receiver) Mike Davis, a young kid coming in and catching a lot of passes, and they have an offensive line that is huge, they make a lot of plays, and they run the ball more downhill, but they are still throwing it. So, they are a more balanced attack than they have been in the past.

On coaching against Texas:
I have never coached against Mack (Brown). I have coached one time against Texas in the '90 or '91 Cotton Bowl when I was at Miami.

On having home field advantage:
Just the noise, crowd noise. That is what affects all of us when you go on the road. It's being able to handle the communication when you go on the road. When you are a good team and you get all your things in tact, your players look forward to playing on the road, and so I am sure Texas is excited, they are coming into a hostile environment. You are not a good football team unless you can go into a tough environment, and overcome all the obstacles that come along with having to communicate and overcoming bad plays. This year it is our advantage. Next year we will go down there, and it will be their advantage. It's college football, that is what makes it fun. Our fans will be here, and they will be here early. Raider Walk was probably about 10,000 people and hopefully this time it is about 20,000 to 25,000. It's a night game and there is nothing better than a night game in college football. We are looking forward to having that home field advantage.

On opposing teams playing in Lubbock:
"We want to make sure that we do things to be hospitable and respect the team that is coming in because when we go we would like to be respected. When you go into a place you understand that you have to overcome a lot of things.

I would like to put anybody away early. I am getting to the point where my heart can't take a lot of these games. They are all the same. You go out and try to play the best and last second games are always exciting for the fans but it is tough on the players and coaches."

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