Wednesday Media Notes

Texas coach Mack Brown took time Wednesday to talk about Mac McWhorter, the Longhorns' line woes and future scheduling.

* Brown discussed rumors that offensive line coach Mac McWhorter would be fired, calling the rumors untrue.

"First, I would like to say, I make those decisions," Brown said. "Media and fans do not make them. Secondly I would like to say anybody who says there's a rumor about a coach being fired on our staff does not have it. Because I'm the only one who makes that decision, and I haven't talked to anybody about anything."

He further discussed the scene of him yelling at McWhorter, which was visible to anyone watching the game on television. Brown said that he had to raise his voice to be heard over the crowd, and dismissed anyone saying that the conversation had serious implications toward McWhorter's future.

"Anyone who knows me very well knows I'm very emotional," Brown said. "If I was going to fire every coach that I've screamed at or had a tough discussion with, or staff member on our staff, we wouldn't have anybody in the building."

Brown went on to defend his offensive line coach.

"Mac McWhorter has got more offensive linemen in the NFL right now than anybody else," Brown said. "With that being said … our offensive team has been very inconsistent for the first three weeks, and I do want it fixed. The offensive line coach didn't have six dropped passes. There's things that we can do a better job across the board of coaching."

* Brown said that, though no official word has come from the Big 12, the conference would likely opt for a nine-game conference schedule, with each conference team playing each other. That means that each conference squad would only have three non-conference games per season, and Texas has already maneuvered to make that transition smoother.

In 2011, Texas will host Rice and BYU, then travel to UCLA. In 2012, Wyoming and New Mexico will come to Austin, with Texas traveling to the Grove to take on Ole Miss. In 2013, the Longhorns will play New Mexico State in Austin, will travel to play BYU and will host Ole Miss. In 2014, Texas will host North Texas and BYU before traveling to Arkansas. In 2015, Texas will play at Notre Dame in the opener, then will come home to play Rice and California. Notre Dame and UTEP will come to Austin in 2016, with Texas then traveling to play at California. In 2017, Texas will open with home games against Maryland and Central Florida, then will go to USC. In 2018, Texas will play Maryland at FedEx Field and host USC. The other date is open.

Texas only has one game scheduled for both the 2019 and 2020 seasons. In 2019, Notre Dame will play in Austin, with Texas making a return trip to South Bend in 2020.

Brown said the conference schedule would likely "start over", meaning that the conference office would forge a new home-and-home conference slate that wouldn't take into account the 2010 season's home-and-away schedule. That means, for instance, that Texas could wind up traveling to Texas Tech again next year, or that Texas A&M could wind up coming to Austin two years in a row.

* Brown said that the UCLA game would likely be an emotional one for the fans. Though it came before Brown's tenure at Texas, he said many people still harbored feelings about the last time UCLA came to Austin and hung a 66-3 beating on the home team.

Brown said he asked equipment manager Chip Robertson how many fans were there at the end zone at the end of the 1997 defeat, and Robertson asked Brown to turn around and look into the empty stadium, saying "it was about like that."

* Brown said part of the offensive line's problems came from missing on a recruiting class, which dented the unit's depth. He also said the staff needed to begin to rotate more linemen through to keep the offensive line fresh. He attributed some of last Saturday's problems to fatigue, stating that other than David Snow coming off the field for a few plays when he was poked in the eye, the first-team line played all of the available snaps.

Garrett Porter replaced Snow on those plays.

* Before the season started, Brown said that Texas's early games would allow the Longhorns' young defensive tackles time to mature and adjust. But Brown said Wednesday that the Longhorns often played packages with four defensive ends on the line, meaning that the tackles haven't necessarily gotten the time, nor the tests, to improve at a high rate.

UCLA will be different, he said, because of its power running game, which will utilize power and counter plays inside, while also using option looks to stretch the defense to the outside. The Bruins' scheme could pose issues for both the interior line and the linebackers, he said.

"This will be the first time that they've had a test," Brown said.

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