Sulaimon Enjoys Texas Visit

When Wyoming traveled to Austin to mark the start of the home football season, the basketball staff also spent time as hosts.

Rasheed Sulaimon, a five-star wing and Scout's No. 3 shooting guard in the class of 2012, made the trip and said he enjoyed the experience.

"I was able to find time to bond with the coaches and talk some basketball," Sulaimon said. "My parents were able to get to know the coaches better. I also met with an academic advisor, the president of the school and the athletic director, and they did a great job to make me feel like I was a part of them."

The 6-foot-3 guard from Strake Jesuit College Prep in Houston said he has established a strong relationship with Texas assistant Russell Springmann, and regularly trades Facebook messages and phone calls with the coach.

Sulaimon said that he grew up a fan of both Duke and the home state 'Horns, though he said those feelings wouldn't likely play a major role in his recruitment.

"Right now, I'm still pretty open," Sulaimon said. "I'm waiting to learn more about a lot of schools, including Texas."

Duke hasn't offered yet, but Sulaimon said he grew up watching players like Jay Williams and Shane Battier, though he always admired the game of Kobe Bryant.

"I have a lot of his tapes," Sulaimon said. "I watch how he plays the game. Scoring comes so naturally to him. He can score from three-point, mid-range or at the cup. He's really a model to follow."

Scoring comes easily to Sulaimon as well. He admits to being a shooter since he started playing YMCA ball, though he's since added a lightning first step to his arsenal.

"I've always been a combo wing/point guard," Sulaimon said. "I grew up a shooter. When I started, that was all I really did. But I've expanded my game more. I feel like I'm a better dribbler and ball-handler, and it's made me more versatile."

But Sulaimon said he takes more pride in being a high-energy defender.

"I play hard every time," Sulaimon said. "I try to give 110 percent effort and provide energy defensively."

"I take a lot of pride in my defense," Sulaimon said.

That's not to say that Sulaimon has a complete game. He said he was always looking to improve, and is currently working on his quickness, strength and jumping.

"I also need to work harder on basic fundamentals," Sulaimon said.

Sulaimon said academics were the main focus of his school search. He loves math, and wants to major in business.

"I also want a great coach who can help me mature as a person first, then improve my game and take me to the next level," Sulaimon said. "The last factor would probably be looking for a school that fits my playing style. I want to get up-and-down and play some pressure defense."

Sulaimon said he appreciated Texas's interest, and looked forward to the Longhorn staff continuing to recruit him. At the same time, any schools vying for Sulaimon's signature will probably have a while to wait.

"Right now, the earliest I would commit is by the end of next summer," Sulaimon said. "I want to wait until AAU ball is done."

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