Dance With Who Brung Ya

Few coaches attacked the Red River Shootout with as much fervor as Texas legend Darrell Royal. was able to catch up with Royal for five quick questions about the rivalry.

1) What is your favorite Red River memory?

Darrell Royal: That's like the potato chip commercial. You can't pick just one.

2) Did the game mean anything more to you with your connection to Oklahoma and Bud Wilkinson?

DR: I loved and respected Coach Wilkinson as much as anybody in football. Because I knew how much that game meant I hurt for him when our team beat his--but I darned sure didn't want to lose to him, either.

3) If you could describe your feelings about Oklahoma, what would you say?

DR: I was born in Oklahoma, and I have a lot of roots there. I've lived most of my life in Texas, but that doesn't mean I can't have respect for the University and the state of Oklahoma. We may compete in sports, but as Americans, we are on the same team.

4) How has the game changed over the years?

DR: It really hasn't (changed). Coaches, players, offenses and defenses come and go. This is a game for the tough, and it will come down to turnovers and the kicking game regardless of who's playing in it.

5) If you had one piece of advice for somebody who hadn't ever played in the game before, what would it be?

DR: Don't lose the game before you play it.

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