Junior report: Houston Chavez OL Michael Jones

<B>Michael Jones</b> is an offensive tackle that could draw a lot of attention. Recently transferring to Houston Chavez from Pasadena Sam Rayburn, Jones will have new coaches and friends to adjust to. And at first glance, it's not certain he didn't have a better thing going at his former school.

DC Lance Botkin of Rayburn High told IT Jones visits from time to time and regrets the fact that he won't get to suit up for the Texans his final season as a prep.

"His mom is all about him making the grades," Botkin told IT. "Her first concern is that he gets the job done in the classroom. He was in the top-half of his class, so he'll need to stick with it this year at Chavez. Unfortunately, we don't get to be there to help the kid. Not sure what kind of support system he has with his new school and coaches, but we had him going in the right direction. If he continues to progress in the classroom and on the football field, he'll be a player."

Botkin also supplied the pertinent data on how this kid stacks up on paper and briefly touched on the fact of what the unexpected blow of losing the standout tackle would have on the Rayburn football team.

"He's a great loss to us," Botkin said. "Our district is difficult enough as it is. Losing Michael is really going to hurt us, but what can you do."

Botkin continued: "6-4, 300 pounds, no fat and a 5.05 forty the last time we tested him. And he's very strong, has really good feet and still growing. He has a size-17 foot. He'll probably end up at 6-6... he's still growing, I mean I don't know for sure, but that's what I'd assume."

Weight room numbers: Bench 345, Squat, 450, Power clean 290.

"He won our power lift-a-thon last year," Botkin said. "And he had 40 pancake blocks. Once he gets his hands on you, you're done. He's very talented. Played right tackle for us so he could protect our QB. And he played some nose guard on the D."

Jones started his sophomore year on varsity cracking the lineup on the defensive line. He was about a year behind everyone else because he didn't play his freshman year. So there appears to be a lot of upside with this kid.

"He was a second-team all-district pick this year and can shot put over 50'," the Rayburn D-coordinator said. "He's still raw, but has a ways to go before tapping out. Plenty of upside with this kid."

And college coaches noticed him when he was a sophomore according to Botkin, so he shouldn't be that much of an unknown commodity.

"'Holy Cow', is what the Wisconsin, Purdue and Stephen F. Austin coaches said when they saw him his sophomore year," Botkin said. "'Who's that kid', they asked. Everyone that saw him was excited about what he might be able to do on the college level."

Nothing about this kid says he can't be one of the top O-lineman in the state and IT will keep an eye on the 6-4, 300-pound bluechipper. And it goes without saying, IT will also root like heck for Jones to make a smooth and full transition to his new football/academic home, Houston Chavez!

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