Junior report: Dallas White DE Micah Howeth

After profiling DLs <B>Chris Bowers</b>, <B>Chris Smith</b>, <B>McCollins Umeh</b>, <B>Nic Redwine</b>, <B>Franklin Okam</b> and <B>Corey Green</b>, we turn our attention to Dallas White's <B>Micah Howeth</b> (with a report on scheduled spring game attendee <B>Brian Orakpo</b> of Houston Lamar to follow later today). We'll also be mixing in some O-line and RB profiles to supplement our DL focus, but first, back to the DE position.

IT had the opportunity to chat with Dallas White head coach Mike Zffuto and got some skinny on his havoc-wreaking defensive standout.

"He's about 6-5, 235 pounds and can 4.8," Zffuto told IT.

Weight room numbers?

"Has about a 320-pound bench and a 540-pound squat," Zfutto said.

Without having the stats close by, Zffutto could only estimate.

"I'd say he averages well over 10 tackles a game," White's head man said. "But he was injured last year. He had a meniscus injury and only played four games."

So where does he project?

"Heck, he's athletic enough to play five positions," White's head coach told IT. "He could play TE if he wants to. He has really good hands and excellent size as well as speed for the position."

"We also played him on the offense as a tackle," Zfutto noted.

As a DE?

"Well, that's where a lot of people are projecting him on the college level," Zfutto said. "And he's definitely capable of good play at the DE spot."

"We moved him to linebacker for the last game of the season and he just ate poeple up," Zfutto said with amazement. "I'm not sure where we're going to play him, but he'd make a great MLB and we might keep him there. The thing is, he can really run. I think he'd make a tremendous impact at the middle linebacker position. We've played him as a NG and at DT, so he can play a lot of places for us."


Sounds like a kid who will get some looks before it's all said and done, but most see him as a DE, which is where we have him pegged, for now.

No scholarship offers have been extended, but Zfutto told IT there are several schools interested and that a scholarship offer could be coming any day. He added Howeth was receiving letters from Penn State, SMU, TCU, KU, K-State, Iowa State, OU, Texas, A&M, Missouri and UCLA.

Camp Agenda: "Not really sure what Micah is going to do," Zfutto said.

Accolades: Despite only playing four games, Howeth still earned an all-district DE honor.

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