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"This injury really took a toll on me at first. I was really depressed. I didn't want to go anywhere, I was sort of ashamed. It's built a lot of character in me," said Klein Forest 2012 QB Matt Davis. Come inside to hear how the highly sought after 2012 quarterback is adjusting to his rehab.

Twenty to thirty years ago, Klein Forest 2012 quarterback Matt Davis' career might be over. The junior quarterback blew out his ACL just one game into the 2010 season. With the advancements in modern medicine, not only is he expected to make a full recovery, but he could come back stronger then ever.

"Right now, they are telling me that I'm rehabbing about three times as fast as the average person. The first week, you aren't supposed to be able to bend your knee very far, but I was bending it about 90 degrees," said Davis. "This Friday I will be eight weeks out of surgery, so basically two months. I have been recovering really fast, so I'm very thankful for that blessing. For the first six weeks, it's all really light stuff. You have to be really conservative with everything you do, because they don't want you messing anything up. I'm just trying to get range of motion back."

The process has been hard on Davis. In a matter of seconds he went from one of the top sought after quarterbacks in the country to the sidelines.

"This injury really took a toll on me at first. I was really depressed. I didn't want to go anywhere, I was sort of ashamed. It's built a lot of character in me," said Davis. "More than a better quarterback, this injury can help me become a better person. I'm a lot stronger mentally.

"Quarterback wise, it's given me a lot more time for the film room (laughter). I have become more of a student of the game. I'm going to be definitely mentally strong and have an increased offensive awareness when I hit the field again."

Davis is hoping to return to the field for spring ball.

"They told me that usually they get guys running around four months, but I was ready at seven weeks. That said, they want to be conservative with it. There is no rush, so I'm going to start running again at three months. Everything is good. I'm starting to throw again to the team and everything," said Davis.

With those advancements in modern medicine, college programs are less likely to drop a player as well. The 2012 signal-caller has yet to see any schools back off from his recruitment. His verbal offers are still all good and he has seen new schools jump on the wagon since his injury.

Due to he rehab schedule, Davis has done very little on his end when it comes to recruiting. The junior isn't taking in as many college game as the average recruit.

"Even if I wasn't rehabbing, I don't know if I would be taking visits right now. I love to watch college football and I can do it at home, watching all the games at the same time I always tell my coach," said Davis. "I'm still considering all my options. I want to give every school and myself an opportunity to meet the coaches at each program. To see what each school is all about."

Currently he has offers from Texas A&M, TCU, Iowa State, Alabama, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State to name a few. Another school that is evaluating the junior is Texas. The Longhorns have a tradition of not verbally offering until junior day and Davis knows it. While he is completely open at this point, he definitely has strong interest in the UT program.

"Texas is a great school. Whenever you think of college football, Texas is one of the first schools to come up. They are one of the most prestigious schools in the country. I believe the coaching staff is great. One of the best in the nation by far," said Davis. "They get the best athletes every year. It's not a coincidence. It's every year, so it has to be something in their program. I think it starts with their coaches. Coach Brown is great and it's just a great school overall. A coaching staff will be a huge factor if not the biggest when it comes to my decision."

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