Quoting Kansas State

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder talked with the media on Tuesday, how urgent is becoming bowl eligible for the Wildcats? Come inside to read from Texas' opponent this week.

On the senior class: I wish I had the opportunity to be with them for a longer period of time. I think there are a lot of good guys, fine players and fine young men as well. The quality and character of guys who took their education very seriously – 13 of them are graduates already. It is a pretty good group of youngsters.

On the urgency to get a sixth win and become bowl eligible: I would think they would have a sense of urgency to improve our performance level, and I am sure the other part factors into it right now, but bowl eligible is one thing while having the opportunity to go to a bowl is another. We have a lot of teams in our conference that will be bowl eligible. There is no guarantee that six wins will put you into a bowl game.

On the defensive effort in the first half against Oklahoma State: Our defense shut them down. They are the second or third highest scoring team in the country and our defense shut them out for 28 minutes. You have to be doing something right in order for that to happen and they did. Oklahoma State is a very good offensive football team. (Justin) Blackmon can certainly make a difference but not like that.

On Mack Brown: He means a great deal to college football in a variety of ways. Mack and I served together on the board with the American Football Coaches Association and he is in line to become president of that. He is a good family person and cares about young people, and he does what he does the right way. The success is hard to argue with.

On facing a tough defense: There are some awfully good football teams in the Big 12 Conference that can do a variety of different things. I think Oklahoma State was a better defensive football team than most may have assumed because of the numbers. But they proved to be a solid defensive football team. By the same token, the numbers indicate that the University of Texas is an extremely fine and talented defensive football team, but I think sometimes it kind of casts a shadow on the other side of the ball, which is not always appropriate, and I think they are a tremendous defensive football team, but I think they are good offensive football team as well.

On the consistency of Corey Adams: Amazing. I hate to say it but I will say it because I love him to death – since I have known him he has not made a mistake. I do not know anybody that has not made any mistakes but he has not and I really appreciate him. I have said this before, but he is a great player doing what he does. He is a great person, provides some leadership for our program and has been selected by his teammates as a player representative. He just goes about his way in a real special manner, and I appreciate him for all of the things that he is and part of that is he is a good snapper and covers very well.

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