Tuesday Media Notes

Texas players talk about the upcoming trip to Kansas State, while Fozzy Whittaker discusses an injury that has kept his carries down.

* Former Longhorn Marcus Tubbs, a special assistant with the football program, said that Texas would be in for a tough game in Manhattan.

"They breathe football up there," Tubbs said. "Austin, we love football here. Kansas, they love football up there. So whenever we go up there, it's always a tough atmosphere. The fans are really passionate about their football. So that's always tough."

* Safety Christian Scott talked about his new role as kick returner. Scott returned one kick for 21 yards in 2008, then sat out last season.

Scott said there were several factors that made a good kickoff returner.

"Fielding the ball, of course," Scott said. "(You need to have) good vision. (It's about) being explosive, finding holes and hitting them."

* Texas running back Fozzy Whittaker talked briefly Tuesday about the stinger injury that he has fought since two-a-days.

"Whenever I take a hit just a certain way, I don't know how to really explain how it gets hit, but whenever it gets hit in that certain way it just re-aggravates it," Whittaker said. "It just hasn't had a chance to heal up and get calm.

"It's one of those deals where I just have to keep protecting it and strengthen the muscles around it so that if it does get hit again, it's not as severe," Whittaker said.

Texas coach Mack Brown said Monday that Whittaker's carries had been kept down because of the injury, largely because the staff didn't want him to sustain a blow to that spot and cough up the ball.

* Everybody talks about Daniel Thomas and the Wildcats' offense, but what about that defense?

"It's a defense that is really hard to exploit, because everybody's taking a proper step," said Texas assistant Bruce Chambers. "(It's a) very, very fundamentally coached defense. And that's a direct result of Coach Snyder and what I know about him."

Chambers knows plenty, having played for Snyder when Snyder was an assistant under head coach Hayden Fry at North Texas.

* Chambers said Snyder's attention to detail showed up when he used to watch film.

"We used to count how many times he would run one play back," Chambers said. "He would have a manager stationed by the light switch because he would run it back 60 or 65 times. After a while, you would be like, 'oh my God,' you know?

"So some guys would fall off to sleep, and he would call that manager's name and he would flip that light on, and he would turn around and he would look to make sure that nobody was asleep," Chambers said. "If you were asleep, he would make you stand up in the meeting."

Chambers said he never had to stand up.

"He would make you run extra," Chambers joked. "And I was running enough."

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