Wednesday Media Notes

Texas coach Mack Brown talked Wednesday about team injuries, a potential freshman moving up the depth chart and new players at punt returner.

* Defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat is still struggling with his ankle. Brown said that Jeffcoat was "very, very limited" in Tuesday's practice, and said that Jeffcoat wasn't able to push off his ankle and explode, a key skill for any player on the football field. Kyle Kriegel, who was moved from the defensive line to the offensive line this fall, will probably miss spring practice. Doctors operated on Kriegel's troublesome shoulder last week. * Brown said the coaching staff would like wide receiver Darius White to see more time this week. Unfortunately, White's mother was in a serious car wreck earlier this week, and White missed Tuesday's practice. Brown said White was due back in town Wednesday — his mother is fine — and should practice. But Brown said the staff wanted to see whether White would be up for the task. This marks the second week in a row a freshman in-line for more playing time has had circumstances limit his chances. Defensive tackle Ashton Dorsey was expected to play more last week, but had his practice time limited by the flu. * Brown said the odds were "likely" that Texas would have a first-time punt returner against Kansas State. He said the most likely candidates were safeties Adrian Phillips and Kenny Vaccaro. Vaccaro was a good enough wide receiver in high school that Texas coaches were torn on whether to use him at receiver or safety once he arrived on campus. Phillips played both quarterback and wide receiver in high school. Brown said both were sure-handed, and had been put in enough pressure situations to handle the role. Brown said the staff also tried receiver Mike Davis at the spot, but added that he wasn't ready yet. "Anybody you ask if he's been there yet, he's been there," Brown said. * Brown said the staff had taken accountability to another level with the team's struggles, spending time grading scout teamers. If the scout teamers don't grade at a winning performance, they aren't allowed to dress for games. This week, the staff took another step, having somebody keep track of every pass thrown to a receiver or tight end during practice to chart drops. "Usually you just do that in competition," Brown said. "You don't do that in a drill." The measure was introduced after Texas receivers and tight ends dropped five passes against Baylor, two of which would have resulted in touchdowns. * Brown said he had the utmost respect for the job Kansas State coach Bill Snyder has done in Manhattan. "I have said many times that Bill Snyder may be the best coach to ever coach college football," Brown said. "He's taken something at Kansas State that nobody else could consistently fix and he fixed it. Now he's doing it again."

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