Cedar Hill/Duncanville: Top Three

It was one of the best district battles of the week, Duncanville vs Cedar Hill for the 5-5A title. Cedar Hill won in a nail bitter 35-31 and Scout.com has reports on the top prospects on this night.

GAME MVP: Cedar Hill QB Driphus Jackson

Jackson literally willed his team to a win on Friday night. All night he was scrambling for his life, but managed to use his feet to keep the play alive, going sideline to sideline waiting for receivers. His arm is strong, but often erratic. He doesn't always make the greatest decisions, sometimes throwing the ball up. On multiple occasions, a pass by Jackson was tipped by the secondary and caught by a Cedar Hill receiver. But, he's not projected to play quarterback at the next level. His speed and ability to do things with the football in his hands is what teams like Boise State, Minnesota, Tulsa, etc. are excited about.

Jackson had 328 yards on 18-for-27 passing. Always a threat to run the ball, he only managed to run for 27 yards on eight carries.

Other Top Three Talents On This Night:

1.)Duncanville 2013 RB Aaron Piper

The sophomore only gets limited touches due to sharing a backfield with seniors Chris Simpson and Derrick Johnson, but when he does see the ball he makes the most of it. A total of 10 carries for 76 yards on Friday night. He showed all the skills of a star in the making.

A.) He has the vision- with multiple cutbacks towards the middle of the field to get into the secondary.

B.) He has great footwork- multiple times he was met at the line, was able to make one juke, and avoid being tackled for a loss.

C.)He has the speed- showing that once he's in the secondary you better bring him down quick.

But, the play that was most impressive by the sophomore? Derrick Johnson's 32-yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter should have been a tackle for a loss. Piper didn't allow it to happen, taking out the much bigger linebacker at the line of scrimmage. It was my first time seeing Piper and while his upper body does look like one of a sophomore, he's impressive and definitely one to watch in the coming years.

2.)Cedar Hill WR Lovett Gibson

As expected, Gibson was Jackson's favorite target on Friday night, catching seven balls for 148 yards and a touchdown. After jumping out to a 14-0 lead in the 1st quarter, Cedar Hill found themselves down 24-14 early in the 4th quarter. Jackson and Gibson responded with a 82-yard touchdown. Gibson had run behind the secondary and after a lot of scrambling, Jackson was able to find him. After getting about a five yard head start, Gibson wasn't going to be caught after catching the ball.

3.) Duncanville LB Josh Hunt

Hunt looks like one of North Texas' best secrets. At 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, he has speed that most linebackers would die for. He is a really intense linebacker and his defensive teammates feed off it. On this night, there were two occasions where he didn't make the tackle, but was able to hold on to the Cedar Hill running back and strip the ball. Hunt is a senior newcomer to Duncanville, playing 8-man football last year.

With just one offer in hand at this point (Wake Forest) expect him to be a guy that teams jump in on late. He showed a knack for being around the football and great defense awareness, reading the always shifty Driphus Jackson on multiple occasions. Twice on designed runs to the outside for Jackson, he turned what should have been a two to three yard gain into a tackle for loss, forcing Jackson to go a little wider after Hunt shot the gap.

He also had the hit of the night. Jackson had gotten into the secondary on a nice run and was blindsided by Hunt. Jackson's upper back and head hit the ground before his legs. It's safe to say the quarterback will be sore Saturday from it.

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