Quoting Oklahoma State

Texas will take on a surging Oklahoma State team this weekend. Come inside to hear what OSU head coach Mike Gundy is saying about the game.

Opening Statement: Obviously, last Saturday was a good win for our football team. I watched the tape and I thought we played well in all three phases. I thought the coaching staff did a great job with the game plan. The players focused really well last week and were able to execute the plan. We started fast in all three areas and things went really well for us. We were excited to be able to get some other players on the field. It's not much different than what we thought after the game. But we're back at work now for this week. It's a good challenge for us. The team needs to stay focused and practice well and continue to move forward like we have the last couple months of the season. We're very excited about the game on Saturday night. We're looking forward to traveling down to Austin and competing. The players were in a good frame of mind last night at practice.

On the difference between this Texas team and the Texas teams from years past: It's truly hard for me to describe what's going on at Texas. Just like I think it would be difficult for other coaches to know what's going on here at Oklahoma State. I would say that they aren't playing as well or winning as many games as they would want to. But it doesn't really factor in on what we're doing here and that's all that matters. Our players and our coaches do a good job of taking care of our business. And that's the way we want to proceed this week.

On all the hype surrounding the team: It's only a factor if you start to listen to it. I've said this for four or five weeks now. If you start to think you're a pretty good player and that your team is better than they really are, you just need to look around the country every Saturday and you will see teams get knocked off. I'm a firm believer in that. We have some good players who have made a lot of good plays this year. And we have a good football team. But we're not beyond practicing well and keeping the right frame of mind in order to win our football game.

On the possibility of winning in Austin for the first time in 66 years: It would be nice to wipe all those records off the board but it doesn't factor in to the game. As much as you'd like to use it as motivation and think it's going to make the players practice harder and play harder. It's not. They have to practice because they have a purpose and a goal in mind as to get better every day. They have to go play hard because they have to be accountable to each other. I just don't think it factors in much.

On Brandon Weeden: We didn't have to sign him, he walked on. We got lucky from that standpoint. We knew we had a big strong athlete who had some ability. You don't go in the second round of the major league draft unless you have some skill. We didn't really know whether he would pan out. Playing minor league baseball is one thing. Being involved in a college football program where you have discipline year round and off-season workouts and all the things you go through just to be a player is another. So sometimes those guys don't make it. But he just kind of hung around and stuck through it. He's matured a little bit and gotten better. He's playing in an offensive system that fits his style of play.

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