Recruiting: Spring Game Attendee Bobby Tatum

Fort Worth Dunbar CB/RB <B>Bobby Tatum</b> left his home early Saturday morning and arrived in Austin at 9 a.m., joining a mother lode of seniors-to-be invited to attend the weekend's Spring Game festivities.

"We (Tatum and the other juniors) met up in the Bubble at 9:30 to have breakfast," Tatum told IT. "Then Texas had like an orientation for us, we checked out the campus and then the Spring Game."

"Later," Tatum continued, "Coach (Mike) Tolleson took me around and I was able to get a lot of autographs...I got Cedric Benson, Roy Williams, Sloan Thomas, B.J. Johnson, Michael Huff and just a lot more. I almost got the whole team."

"Coach Tolleson's a pretty cool dude and that was the first time I had ever met him," Tatum said. "He's honest and was up front with me."

Inside Texas' 11th-ranked player overall has made no bones about letting it be known that the Burnt Orange leads for his services.

"You know I was excited to be there," Tatum said. "And Texas made me feel special when I was there. I got a lot of special attention and that made me feel pretty good."

However, Texas did not extend a scholarship offer to the state's No. 2 corner prospect...

"I'm not sure, but I think they wanted to and might next week," Tatum explained. "Coach (Duane) Akina told me that they didn't think I was going to be there and said they didn't have any paperwork together for me."

Apparently, there was a little bit of a mix-up on whether or not Tatum would attend.

"Yeah, they (Texas coaching staff) said they called my coach and he didn't think I was going so they didn't count on me being there."

"But next weekend our track team is going to be in Austin and Mack said for me to come by when I had some time and we'd sit down and talk things over," said the Dunbar prep.

Perhaps then, a scholarship offer from the Longhorns will be forthcoming. Tatum certainly hopes so.

And if an offer is made, don't expect Tatum to commit as he prefers to take all five of his visits before making a decision.

With Andrew Kelson already committing, some other schools may try to scare Tatum into thinking that playing time will be very hard to come by, but Tatum refuses to let that bother him.

"I don't really care who Texas brings in," Tatum reiterated from a prior conversation with IT. "I'm not trying to be bigheaded, I just think I'm the best DB there is. And I want to go to a place that makes it hard for me to get onto the field. I want to go to the place that makes it real hard for me. Texas is the place that gives me the most competition. I know it'll be hard other places, but not as hard as it will be at Texas."

"Texas is my No. 1 choice," Tatum said. "OU is second and I'm wide-open after that. You know OU has already offered me, but I don't really see how people can offer you without first meeting you. OU has never met me, they don't know me and they've never even seen me."

Orangebloods have to like the sound of that considering how some prospects actually appreciate being offered earlier than others, but Tatum made it clear that Texas will face no repercussions for coming on a little later in the process.

Tatum said he expects to attend one of Texas' summer camp dates even if he's offered before then, stating that he wants to learn from the session. He also said that he enjoyed kicking it with the players and getting his questions answered.

Last but not least, Tatum said the trip reinforced his desire to attend UT and said he would work even harder to garner a 'ship from his leader.

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