Cochran Shifts to Off-Season Focus

With his high school career over, Texas commitment Josh Cochran will now shift his focus on the next step, hitting the weight room hard in preparation for his college career. caught up with Cochran on Thursday night.

Texas commitment Josh Cochran's senior season didn't go as he hoped. Hallsville missed the playoffs, but Cochran was able to go out in style winning the last two regular season games.

"It was definitely good to finish strong. The senior class wanted to go out this way so we could help the younger guys out," said Cochran to "We wanted to make sure people still had confidence in the program. I think it was the best way to go out."

With his high school career over the senior will now shift his focus on the next step, hitting the weight room hard in preparation for his college career.

"I'm sitting at about 275 right now," said Cochran. "I have talked with our strength guy and have set up a little nutrition plan. I don't know if it's realistic, but I would like to be about 285 to 290 pounds when I come in to camp. But with good weight, not putting on fat or anything."

With his dedication to be the best football player he can be, Cochran has decided to forgo his senior season of basketball to focus only on becoming a better offensive lineman.

"I'm going to hit the weight room hard. I have always played basketball, but this year I have decided not to. That way I can hit the weight room hard and get ready for the track. I throw the shot and disc. Last year, I got third in the state on the shot so I'm definitely going to continue with track," said Cochran. "I'm lucky, my offensive line coach is no longer here, but he is going to come back and do some football training with me. That way I stay in a football mindset. I want to work on keeping my hips low and working on footwork."

Cochran has always been a Texas Longhorns fan. It was the way he was born. So it should be no surprise that the commitment has been to every home game this season.

"I haven't missed one. This week will actually be my first game that I miss, my family wasn't able to go , but I will be at the A&M game," said the senior. "Their year doesn't worry me at all. I have complete confidence in the program and Coach Brown. People keep talking about how much it's going to affect recruiting, but speaking for my class, I think everyone is looking forward to getting in there. They changed the offense, the quarterback, and are young. I know it's Texas, but there are going to be down years for every program. I think we will definitely turn things around."

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