Monday Media Notes

Some news and notes from Monday's Texas football media day.

* Texas coach Mack Brown spent time Monday talking up the senior class. He said the fifth-year seniors have gone 50-14 over their five-year careers, going to four bowl games and winning three. The fourth-year seniors have gone 40-11 with three bowl games and two bowl wins. The senior Longhorns have gone to two BCS bowls in their careers, winning one.

The lone bowl loss came in last year's BCS National Title game.

Brown said it was important for those seniors to get to a bowl to keep up an impressive bowl string by the Longhorns: no senior class in Brown's tenure has finished without going to a bowl in their final year.

* Greg Davis was asked Monday if he had any intention of retiring after the season. The Longhorn offensive coordinator responded with an emphatic "no."

It's getting to be that time of year where coaching rumors are going to start flying, and if nothing else, Davis's statement gives us something to look back at should he "decide" to retire after the year.

Davis's stock would certainly be helped by a pair of offensive outbursts like Saturday's game against Florida Atlantic.

* Several players talked about Florida Atlantic running through the team's prayer line before the game on Saturday and how that pumped the team up.

"If you're a man, you're going to respond," said Texas center David Snow.

Brown said that he felt the move motivated the Longhorns as well.

"I wish I could always get the other team to come in and be rude," Brown said.

* Davis talked a bit about running back/H-back Chris Whaley on Monday, saying that the redshirt freshman's full-time position would likely be reevaluated in the spring. Davis said that Whaley's conditioning had improved over the course of the season. He said that fullback Ryan Roberson brought more to the table in the situations they needed him on Saturday.

Davis said that Texas had seen previous levels of success with transitioning players like Whaley to defense, but said that, too, would be evaluated in the offseason.

"I still think there's an upside for Chris," Davis said.

* Defensive coordinator Will Muschamp said that Texas A&M's offense hasn't changed much schematically since the shift from Jerrod Johnson at quarterback to Ryan Tannehill. He said that the Aggies still mostly ran the same types of plays, but added that Tannehill's ability to hold onto the ball and not commit turnovers created a difference.

Muschamp also cited the recent play of running back Cyrus Gray, lauding the A&M runner as one of those backs who improves the more he gets the ball, and compared Jeff Fuller to another Justin Blackmon. Muschamp said both of those receivers caused problems with their size and physicality, while both were also able to surprise defenses with the way they ran.

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