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The Longhorns reached second place in the 2K Sports Classic at Madison Square Garden last week. Find out what Coach Barnes and players had to say about their performance.

* Against Illinois, the Longhorns poured in the buckets early and did well in overtime to create the shots that they needed. But coach Rick Barnes said he wasn't nearly as pleased with the offensive effort against Pittsburgh.

Barnes said the Longhorns had the potential to be a tough team to defend, but added that: "No offense works if you don't do the details."

"If you don't screen, cut and pass the ball when it needs to be passed, nothing works," Barnes said.

* Barnes said that freshman guard Cory Joseph wasn't struggling with his shooting so much as his shot selection. Barnes said that Joseph was so focused on doing the right thing that he was bypassing open looks.

Joseph agreed with Barnes's assessment.

"I've just been thinking too much through the games, thinking about all the little details and sometimes I haven't seen when I've been open," Joseph said.

Joseph also said that he learned a lesson from his failed drive to the basket at the end of the Pittsburgh game, and added that he would continue to want the ball in his hands at the end of the game.

* If Texas wins Tuesday, Barnes will take home his 500th career win. Barnes tried to downplay the accomplishment, while forward Tristan Thompson said he wasn't aware of the milestone.

Joseph said he was aware, and was honored that he would get a chance to be a part of that win.

"We're just trying to get him that win," Joseph said. "That would be big for him."

* Barnes also talked about the improvement Jordan Hamilton has made this season. Hamilton was awarded with his second consecutive Big 12 Player of the Week honor a day ago. Barnes said that Hamilton had worked to improve both as a scorer and as a defender, work that Hamilton continued on Monday by spending extra time with the coaching staff to develop his lateral quickness.

Hamilton has said one of the biggest steps he's taken was in the maturity department.

"(I feel more mature in) Life off the court and on the court, just in general," Hamilton said. "Just growing up and I took a step this summer in maturity, just with everything."

* Despite the Longhorns' strong performance in New York, Barnes said Texas was far from a finished product.

"The thing that I like about it is that I know that we can get a lot better," Barnes said.

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