Recruiting: Horns Hooked Ullman With Recent Charge

Round Rock TE <B>Peter Ullman</b> recently committed to the Horns, becoming the third pass-catcher in UT's 2004 class. IT grabbed some more details from the 6-4, 240 pound Dragon.

"I was offered a scholarship at Thursday's practice and committed Friday afternoon after talking it over with my parents," Ullman said. "I called Carl Reese and told him that I wanted to accept the scholarship they had offered. He sounded pretty excited. I know I was. And I was glad to get everything over with. Nice to know that everything (my college future) is set."

According to Ullman, the Horns kicked it up a notch about two-three weeks ago. And took it a step further when he attended his first spring practice. It was then that Ullman figured Texas might actually want him.

"They (Texas) weren't showing as much interest as some of the other schools," Ullman told IT. "So even though I thought they were kind of interested in me, I wasn't sure if they were as interested as I was."

Ullman can now relax, the interest was mutual as the Horns grabbed their (at the time) sixth commitment of the '04 class.

"Texas was where I wanted to go," said the 6-4 pass-catcher who caught 12 passes for 130 yards despite being in a run-oriented O and facing frequent double teams.

But earlier in the process, after the US Scouting Combine, Ullman told IT he wasn't sure if they really needed TEs and depth-chart stuff was something he was looking at.

"That's before I saw Texas shifting Neale Tweedie to tight end in the spring and before I really thought about Bo Scaife and Brock Edwards getting close to graduation," Ullman explained.

Measuring 6-feet, 3 inches at the Scouting Combine and 6-feet-5 at the Rivals Pflugerville camp, there was a 2-inch disparity IT wanted to get ironed out. Seeing Ullman in person, IT would say he's close to 6-4, and goes about 240 pounds. A pretty trim and fit 240, I might add.

Ullman said he's got about a 4.8 (forty) average and that's not too shabby when you figure he's got a nice frame to build on and should be close to 250 pounds when he arrives on the Forty Acres.

Weight room numbers: Bench: 260, Incline Bench: 205, Squat: 350, (Power) Clean: 250.

Best thing about Ullman, he's just a great kid. Very nice...humble. Works hard in the weightroom and on the practice field...possesses a lot of upside for the position. Bruce Chambers will probably look to develop him first as a blocker, then as a passing threat.

Ullman owns a nice pair of gloves, so you can bet when defensive coordinators begin to key on "run," Davis will counter by sending his "blocking" tight end over the middle or on seam/fly routes. Same thing he's been doing with Tweedie this spring. And that's kind of the profile Ullman fits at this stage, but don't think the kid won't work on his speed in order to become more of a complete TE. After all, he told IT several months back that he wanted to get his speed closer to a high-4.6/low-4.7 range, so he's definitely conscious of where he can add some improvement in his overall game.

"I know I need to gain some more strength, too," Ullman revealed. "I know I'm not there yet. So, I'm going to keep working hard to get to where I need to be. I'll be working very hard this summer in our high school camp."

Gotta love this kid's attitude. I know the Round Rock coaching staff does and we'll certainly have more on Ullman in this week's Inside Scoop from them, but you can bet the Horns' staff likes him just as much.

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