Recruiting: Spring Game Attendee Rodrick Johnson

<B>Rodrick Johnson</b> hit the road from his home in Galveston and made the trek to Austin to catch Saturday's Spring Game and to get a better look at the school he'd love to attend. IT recently caught up with Johnson to see how everything went.

"It went real good," the Galveston Ball linebacker told IT. "And I liked the orientation they had. They talked a lot about the educational program and that's really important to me."

As for the rest of the visit, the 6-2, 230-pound defender said, "It was definitely on the up and up...everything was great."

Johnson spent more time with Mac McWhorter than any of the other coaches.

"He's real easy going, and funny," Johnson said. "I really enjoyed talking to him. He tells you the truth."

And the Galveston prep got some ear-time with Texas DC (and LB coach) Carl Reese.

"We didn't talk but just for a little bit, but I enjoyed it," Johnson said. "He made me feel like he wanted me there (Texas). He's very down-to-earth and easy to talk to."

"I didn't really get a chance to talk to many of the players," Johnson said when asked about meeting current members of the football team. "I mostly talked with the coaches."

Asked to sum up the trip, the 'backer with a 290-pound bench and 220-pound incline said, "Texas just has a great program and I'd love to be a part of that program."

Claiming a 4.7 average forty time, Johnson said he has three schools showing more interest in him than any other, at least at this point, and they are: Texas, Arkansas, Florida.

As for who his top five is, Johnson -- who squats 480 and (power) cleans 230 -- told IT, "I like Texas, Arkansas, Florida, A&M and Miami."

He said he's leaning to Texas, Arkansas and Florida, which happen to be the three recruiting him the hardest, more than the others.

Breaking it down even further, Johnson absolutely gushes about the Burnt Orange as he has the Horns sitting at the top of his faves all by themselves.

What about Texas has the well-regarded prep from Ball listing it No. 1?

"First off, I like the way Texas talks about education. They care a lot about the education of their kids."

"Secondly, they're just a great program."

"Third, the coaches have them working hard in the weightroom and you can tell they want to get the best out of their players...that's what I'm looking for."

Should be interesting to follow as Reese and Co. are likely to sign another couple of linebackers this year.

Johnson said he'll camp at Texas, A&M and hopefully Arkansas.

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