Harrison Twins are Wanted Men

They may only be sophomores, but the Harrison twins from Strake Jesuit (Tex.) High School have already found their way onto the radars of college recruiters.

But while their AAU season for Houston Defenders was a strong one, father and AAU coach Aaron Harrison Sr. said the high school year hadn't been as great.

"OK at best, that's the easiest way I can put it," Harrison Sr. said. "The system that they play in isn't for them at all."

No matter which offense they run now, it isn't hard for a college coach to picture both Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison Jr. gliding down the court in a free-flowing, fast-breaking game. Andrew is currently ranked as Scout.com's No. 2 shooting guard, while Aaron is ranked as the No. 4 shooting guard.

"Andrew is really a pure one," Harrison Sr. said. "Aaron is really, really athletic and he's more of a scorer. He puts the ball up more than Andrew does.

"I think that both can do what the other does," Harrison Sr. said. "It's not really a difference in skill. It's personality 100 percent."

Both are athletic 6-foot-5 guards who can do a variety of things, which led to an early five-star ranking for both players.

"They've played summer ball for a long time," Harrison Sr. said. "So while I've seen them play against a lot of the other so-called 'top players,' and we appreciate the rankings, I'm not really into all that.

"What your ranking is isn't important to me," Harrison Sr. said. "It's what you did the last time that you stepped between the lines in the last game that you played."

With the twins both only a few games into their sophomore seasons, they still have work to do in terms of developing their talent, Harrison Sr. said.

"Aaron really needs to work on staying focused," Harrison Sr. said. "And Andrew needs to keep his emotions in check."

Both are on the radars of big-time programs early on. The twins visited Kentucky, where they saw students sitting outside and waiting for tickets, while they tripped up to Kansas for Late Night in the Phog earlier this year.

While they enjoyed both visits, Harrison Sr. said those would be the only trips the twins take for a while.

"They're still three years away from being at a school, so there isn't any hurry," Harrison Sr. said. "We need to look at which situation is right for them when the time comes.

"Whether you're Texas, Baylor, Kentucky or Kansas, everybody features or offers the same thing," Harrison Sr. said. "You have to see what best suits you, which coach suits you, if what's on the roster suits you, at that time."

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