Brown a Complete Back

Ask Malcolm Brown about his favorite running backs, and you'll get an idea about why he's's No. 1 running back.

Brown has said he's tried to model his game after his two favorites: Emmitt Smith and Terrell Davis.

"Emmitt had great balance and vision," Brown said. "He wasn't the fastest guy out there, he wasn't the strongest guy out there, but he knew how to play running back. Terrell Davis, he was just a great all-around guy."

Put the descriptions together, and you get why Brown is so special. Blessed with Terrell Davis's combination of size and speed, Brown also has supernatural balance and vision, making him the most complete back in the class.

Cibolo Steele rode those talents to the Texas Class 5-2A State Championship this year, in Steele's first year in Class 5A.

"It was very, very special to me," Brown said. "We had been working hard for that for so long. It's something we've talked about since we were in seventh grade, so to be able to achieve that vision was so amazing."

Next week, Brown said the team would parade through Cibolo to celebrate the triumph. But this week Brown — and Steele teammate Marquis Anderson — will try to win one last time, taking the West team past the East in the U.S. Army All-America Bowl.

"The first day was kind of what I expected," Brown said. "A lot of guys moving around really fast. Everybody's really good, and there aren't any bad players out there."

Brown said that the new playbook was an adjustment for all the players. But Brown had added help in that area in the form of Steele coach Michael Jinks, one of the assistant coaches for the West team. But while Anderson was his teammate of the past, and is his teammate/roommate of the present, Brown is also spending time with his teammates of the future, his fellow Longhorn commits. And Brown quipped that he might start trying to recruit another player or two to join the fray.

"I've thought about (recruiting other players)," Brown said, laughing. "I'm not going to lie. But I haven't said anything about it.

"It's all fun and games," Brown said. "But I'm probably going to have to get on that a little harder."

Brown said he's on pace to enroll at Texas in June, and said he would be working to try and catch the ball out of the backfield a little better before he arrived.

"I just want to be more of a complete back," Brown said. "That's my goal."

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