U.S. Army Predictions

Here's what to expect from Texas's U.S. Army All-American Bowl participants Saturday.

* RB Malcolm Brown — Brown is the most difficult player to predict because the West didn't hold a full-contact practice all week, nipping Brown's talents in the bud. He still looked impressive at times for his burst through the hole, and now he'll be able to lower his shoulder and earn the extra yards. Still, behind a West line that has struggled all week, Brown might struggle to have any more than a few nice runs.

* WR Jaxon Shipley — There were more impressive wide receivers on the West team this week, which boasted arguably the top two wideouts in the country in Trey Metoyer and Kason Williams. Still, Shipley was as consistent as they come, making nice plays in each of the three practices. It's not too much to ask Shipley to make a couple decent catches today. Don't expect him to make a highlight 60-yard touchdown, but don't be shocked if he makes a couple of 20-plus yard catches.

* OL Sedrick Flowers — Flowers has been the best Texas commitment all week, ranking as one of the West's top linemen. He's a mobile guard with fantastic flexibility — he can do the splits — and a nasty disposition on the field. He might get beaten today, as he's not yet up to his peak weight, weighing 275 pounds. But he'll also open some holes and do a nice job of protecting the West quarterbacks up the middle.

* DT Quincy Russell — Russell didn't see much practice this week as he was working through a knee injury suffered earlier this year. When he did play, Russell limped around and displayed limited mobility. He might play on Saturday, but don't expect much in the way of production.

* LB Steve Edmond — Edmond was Texas's most improved player from Day One through Day Three of practices. On the first day, Edmond was hesitant, didn't take confident steps and was regularly out of position. That changed on the second day, when Edmond played much more confidently, and by the third day, he was earning rave reviews for breaking up multiple pass plays 30 yards downfield. That's all the more impressive in that Edmond's strengths lie in his ability to play hard downhill against the run. Edmond could finish among the West's top tacklers today, while making a WOW play or two.

* LB Kendall Thompson — Thompson seemed lost most of the time in pass coverage, but did well in other aspects. He showed nice intelligence in adjusting to playing both on the inside and the outside, and excelled against the run, even forcing a fumble on the second day. His strengths might lie as a blitzing, pass-rushing linebacker at the next level, but he won't get a chance to show that today in a game that doesn't allow blitzing. He'll still make a few tackles, however.

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