Recruiting: Dunbar DB Lands An Offer

Recent speculation on <a href=>IT's Member Only message board</a> as to whether or not the Horns might eventually offer <B>Bobby Tatum</b> a scholarship can officially be put to rest.

"Today, during our athletic period, Coach Jones (Dunbar's head man) told me Mack Brown had called him to talk a little bit about me," the state's 11th-ranked prospect, regardless of position, told IT.

"Coach Jones said they were going to offer me a full scholarship," an ecstatic Tatum said. "I haven't got it yet, but Coach Jones said Coach Brown was mailing me the papers!"

"I am so excited," the Dunbar prep gushed. "I've been jumping up-and-down ever since. It really made my day. I just can't describe it!"

From an athletic/size/speed standpoint, there's not a better DB prospect in the state. He's currently ranked as the state's second-best DB on IT's top 100. The Horns have joined the fray to land the stud who bench-pressed an amazing 23 reps at 185 pounds (the combine/ Nike Camp standard amount of weight used to test upper-body strength) when in San Antone for the US Army Scouting Combine. That's not a misprint. Yeah, I know....that's what O-lineman are expected to be pressing.

Straight up...Kid's a freak!

Orangebloods should be excited about the Horns' commitment to Tatum as there were a couple of questions surrounding the level of interest between the two parties. More specifically, whether or not the interest was in fact mutual.

"I had been waiting to see if they liked me as much as I liked them," Tatum said. "And when I found out they were offering me it just made me feel so much better."

As excited as Tatum sounded, don't necessarily expect a commitment in the next couple of days. He said he really wants to take his five official visits, but said he'd give some thought to committing early -- something he never mentioned before. Sometimes getting a scholarship offer from the school you have in the lead changes things up a little bit.

"I really admire their coaching staff, their facilities and their program," Tatum added.

So why not pull the trigger now?

"I don't think I will," Tatum paused, "I mean I could, but I would really like to take my five official visits."

Stay tuned!

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