Russell Talks Surgery, Signing Day

Defensive tackle Quincy Russell elected to play in the Army All-American Bowl despite being "40-45 percent" healthy.

Now, he's taking the steps to make sure that percentage hits triple digits by the time he gets to Austin. Russell underwent surgery on his knee on Friday, helping to repair an injury suffered against Edison in San Antonio Houston's third game of the season.

"The surgery went well," Russell said. "I should be back on my feet within two weeks or so."

Back on his feet means better than simply getting off crutches. Russell said that within two weeks, he should be able to start his regular workout routine.

Prior to that point, Russell said he will sign with Texas, bringing an end to any speculation that he could shift back to Baylor or any of the other Texas schools recruiting him.

"I'm just ready to put all the recruiting to rest," Russell said. "I've made my final decision on where to go, I feel like it's a good decision, and I'm ready to let it rest.

"I picked Texas for multiple reasons," Russell said. "I like how close the school is, the educational programs, the coaches they've hired, that my mom can watch me play every home game and catch some away games."

Russell called the Army All-American Bowl a "special experience," getting to play in the game in front of a home crowed.

"Just to make the game, that was one of my biggest accomplishments," Russell said. "I was the first person from my ISD to be chosen."

But Russell acknowledged that he might not be the last. He spent the last year as a teammate to rising junior Javonte MaGee, a Texas target.

"I think he's on the right path," Russell said. "I've tried to show (younger teammates) the work ethic that you need, how you need to be to get there. (Javonte) has a great chance, but it's up to him to take that chance."

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